The Warrant Report | Primero | New Gold and The U.S. Dollar


  The October issue of The Warrant Report showcases two warrants as great examples of potential leverage as well as how to reduce your dollar cost in the investment with warrants versus buying the common shares. Primero Mining and New Gold are the two companies showcased. We also present numerous charts of gold, usd, gold in Euros and gold in Russian Rubles. Click Here for the complete report.   … Continue reading

A Focus on Time – Pilot Gold versus FieldPoint Petroleum

Fieldpoint feature

In our March issue of The Warrant Report we stated, “…Actually now, gold (and somewhat silver) are short-term overbought and a reasonable pullback, possibly down to the $1270 and $20.50 range should not be unexpected…”
Gold did make it down to $1276 and silver to around the $19.70 range.
Gold has subsequently bounced back up and closed on Friday, April 4th at $1302.30 and silver at $19.96.

Read The Full April 2014 Warrant Report Here


A new year with new warrants trading


  Perhaps the most important question for all investments is timing. In the United States, the markets are in the process of their first serious consolidation in a couple of years and in the Canadian markets, the resource shares have either bottomed are in the process thereof. Read The Full February 2014 Warrant Report Here   … Continue reading

2013- The year that would not end


 Read The Full January 1, 2014 Warrant Report Here No investor in the resource sector would argue that 2013 has been a year from hell. Gold still trades near the low that was made in June 2013 and while there has been a retest of those lows recently it is still too early to know for certain that ‘the bottom is in place’. Charts are great to review in hindsight the price performance for commodities and shares. However, predicting the future from past performance is virtually impossible and is merely subject to one’s interpretation. The Dow and S&P 500 have soared … Continue reading

Is 2016 The Target Year For Maximum Gains?


  Dudley Pierce Baker Can you wait until 2016? I follow many of the newsletters and analysts in the resource sector as well as in the U.S. markets. Several of the analysts I follow are looking to 2016 as the year in which we will see new highs in gold as well as in the U.S. stock markets. They speak of the possibility of $5,000 plus for gold and over 30,000 in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Yes, the prospect is that both markets will rally together. There are numerous reasons for their projections and I will not get into … Continue reading

The Speculative Merits of Common Stock Warrants


  There are days, and this is one of them, when I feel like I’m preaching to the choir about the profit potential of investing in common stock warrants. It’s a small choir of successful investors, but there are few people in the pews paying attention to my sermon. The granddaddy of investing in stock warrants was Sidney Fried, who died in 1992 at age 72. He was active from the 1950s to the 1970s, publishing a warrant survey newsletter, “The RHM Warrant Survey”, and writing many books about warrants — all of which I own and have studied for … Continue reading

Special Situations Alert | What Would Your Broker Say?

THE WARRANT REPORT In this issue: Current Market Update Special Situations Alert In the current markets, we see two really interesting setups for the gold market. Last Thursday, gold broke a short down trend AND the MACD has now crossed over to the upside. Charts not shown. There is a good chance gold with proceed upward, at least for the short term. In our gut, we still see the chance for gold to retest the June lows but it is difficult to ignore this interesting short term setup. We advise remaining patient for now. Special Situations Alert Investors should always … Continue reading

What Now For The Resource Sector


  In this issue: My latest interview with Ellis Martin and our sponsor Excalibur Resources What Now For The Resource Sector   In my latest interview with Ellis Martin we discuss the markets as well as some comments on my recent site tour to Excalibur Resources Candelaria property in Mexico. After our trip, the company issued a press release, which represents good news from our perspective, as they will begin using the stock tailings from past exploration to process in their mill allowing for fast revenues. Listen to our interview here. Read the press release here.   What Now For … Continue reading

Favorite Fortuna Silver And Endeavour Mining: Insiders Selling And Buying


Savvy investors are aware of the advantages of following the buying and selling by the company insiders. While this is not the Holy Grail, insider activity can be a valuable insight to making money. An insider can be defined as an officer, director or 10% plus shareholder of a public traded company and they are required to report their transactions on a timely basis. Company insider buying is a much more reliable indicator than selling. There is only one reason for the insiders to be buying but there can be an array of personal reasons why a company insider is … Continue reading