Did you see these two articles?

The Warrant Report February 19, 2012 Did you see these two articles? We frequently like to bring to your attention, recent articles which we deem to be of great interest. Remember, our mission here at PreciousMetalsWarrants.com is not to bring you the macro picture but rather to focus on what we believe are good candidates for achieving our investment objectives of 500% to 1,000% returns, if not more, in the coming years. 1. Government’s will want – Will NEED – Much Higher Gold Prices- Here’s Why This article will get you thinking and surely makes sense to us. Arnold Bock, a good friend, currently living in Argentina lays out his arguments for higher gold prices. Give this one a good read. 2. Richard Russell: The Last Currency Standing will be Gold It is always difficult to argue with Richard Russell and this is another good article which you must read. _________________________________ Why Pennaluna/PennTrade Is My Brokerage Firm With the recent discussions (see below/Bullet Proof Your Shares) of the risk of having your shares held by your broker we wanted to share with you why we are more than comfortable with our current ‘go-to’ brokerage firm, Pennaluna & Company based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Ron Nicklas, President of Pennaluna/PennTrade has allowed us to share with you the details on Pennaluna/PennTrade and the issue of Safety of Accounts. In full disclosure, they are paid subscribers to our service and we are not being compensated in any way for distributing this information, just … Continue reading