Martin Weiss & Larry Edelson Welcome Aboard The Warrant Express

The Warrant Report June 25, 2012 Martin Weiss & Larry Edelson Welcome Aboard The Warrant Express We have been spreading the word about the increased leverage opportunities using warrants since 2005 and are always excited to see others in the business start to talk about warrants. On Friday, we see that Larry Edelson with “Uncommon Sense“, a Martin Weiss, Money and Markets publication, is aggressively talking about investing in warrants on natural resource companies.  GREAT NEWS FOR US. See the quotes below from Larry. We don’t view this as competition but as a positive event bringing more much needed attention to warrants which have been greatly overlooked by investors for years. A little history for you: Due to our shared interest in warrants, my staff and I were invited to dinner by Martin Weiss in May, 2006. He told me that, like me, he and his dad were involved with warrants decades ago. We also discussed doing something together with a warrant service, but at the time, I had only recently started the “Precious Metals Warrants” service, and wanted to give it a chance to get off the ground. Six years later, it’s not just off the ground; it’s a tremendous success, due to the great service we provide to our subscribers. Now, what did Larry Edelson say….? “….My third strategy is to go for even greater leverage and truly massive profit potential by trading warrants on natural resource stocks. With warrants, you can control resource stocks for a fraction of … Continue reading

Are you currently making money in these markets?

The Warrant Report June 19, 2012 Are you currently making money in these markets? Winners and Losers Reversal of Friday’s Nightmare in Some Shares Gold Market Poised For A Break Out Winners and Losers All of us as investors hate to see the violent swings in the resource shares. Get used to it guys, as this is the norm for this sector. At times we are on a great roll and at other times like now, we are being challenged and many investors are leaving the sector and may never return. I really hope that my subscribers are not in this later camp as that is EXACTLY THE WRONG THING TO DO at EXACTLY THE WRONG TIME. Are you currently making money in these markets? Many of our positions are underwater but our TOP TWO Holdings are within pennies of all-time highs. Picking winners is not easy but you could be following us into these winners which we believe will continue to greatly outperform the overall resource shares in the next 18 months. Subscribers are not limited to picking warrants. Frankly, you may not be interested in warrants but subscribers get to see my entire portfolio which I expect to greatly outperform the markets. Your money – your choice. Reversal of Friday’s Nightmare in Some Shares Several companies shares were hammered down on the close last Friday. Supposedly, this had to do with repositioning for those companies entering the GDXJ on June 15. We’re not sure of all the reasons … Continue reading

Gold’s Monster Friday: What Now?

The Warrant Report June 4, 2012 Gold’s Monster Friday: What Now? What an awesome day for gold, a turnaround of monster proportions. We personally believe that gold has finally broken out of the recent tight range of $1520’s to $1570’s and the game has changed for us resource investors. Of course, with gold’s monster move Friday of up $66 to $1626, it will only be normal to have a slight retracement or a minimum of some sideways trading for a few days. Bottom line, we like what we see and can only ask: are you ready? Yes, are you ready to participate in the next rally in resource shares? Probably not– if you are the average investor. I trust if you are a current subscriber to our services you are not an average investor. You are educated, follow the markets closely and know that ‘we’ are at an incredible inflexion point. As always, if you believe the bottom is in place, the question becomes: what do you buy? How do you position yourself for the next 18 months or so? We have some great suggestions for our subscribers giving you access to our warrant database, our insider trading positions and of course, access to my entire portfolio, “A Look Over My Shoulder”. NO ONE ELSE DOES WHAT I DO NO ONE!! You remember the saying: To Make Money, You Have To Buy Low and Sell High ___________________________ Live BNN Interview with Andrew Bell and Dudley Baker We had the opportunity … Continue reading