The Best Is Yet To Come: BUT NOT NOW

The Warrant Report September 24, 2012 The Best Is Yet To Come: BUT NOT NOW “Currently it is a lonely path for the resource investor but soon many will follow” The resource markets have been on fire lately and we are excited about where this will lead us in the coming months. But Not Now!! Even though on Friday, our #1 position (a silver company) and #2 position (a gold company) hit highs for multiple years, we must remain cautious. Why you ask? The markets are bucking serious overhead resistance as we show you in the gold charts and the silver chart below. It is so easy to get carried away with the excitement of the day but let’s stay rational and if you have some cash reserves hold off deploying it at least for a few weeks. We will try and let you know as best we can the opportune time. Our dates for the next projected peak have never changed for a few years now as we continue to look for as early as July 2013 out to our preferred target of Jan/Feb 2014. I have preached patience many times to our followers. Patience as the markets were previously consolidating and searching for a bottom. Now we must use patience again as the markets approach serious overhead resistance so as not to chase higher prices. Sure, this is easier said than done, but we want our subscribers and followers to be positioned with the lowest reasonable entry prices … Continue reading

“You Ain’t Seen Nothing, Yet”

The Warrant Report September 16, 2012 “You Ain’t Seen Nothing, Yet” In this issue: Another Great Week for Resource Investors “You Ain’t Seen Nothing, Yet” LAST CHANCE FOR 18 MONTHS FOR THE PRICE OF 12 MONTH Another Great Week for Resources Investors As you can see from the two charts below, we have come a long way very quickly. Thanks to the Fed and Bernanke last week we firmly believe we (ourselves and subscribers) are correctly positioned in the resource sector and we anticipate large gains in the coming months before we hit the next big peak between July 2013 and Jan/Feb 2014. But first, we are approaching significant overhead resistance in gold at $1800 and it is only reasonable to anticipate a pullback/consolidation perhaps back down to the 65 week M.A. currently at $1666. The HUI also has considerable overhead resistance around the 550 level and we could reasonably see a pullback to the 490 level, which would be a very small event. Longer term we are as bullish as we can be and continue to look for additional opportunities to deploy our cash reserves.  “You Ain’t Seen Nothing, Yet“ We are quoting our friend Goldrunner and would like to share a recent article by him on the upside potential for silver. You will be amazed and we will not spoil the surprise, so give it a read. Click Here LAST CHANCE – 18 MONTHS FOR THE PRICE OF 12 The slow months of summer and consolidation are over … Continue reading

From Jalisco, MX – Leaving America

The Warrant Report September 10, 2012 From Jalisco, MX – Leaving America In this issue: A beautiful evening in Ajijic, MX. Leaving America What a great week in the markets A Beautiful Evening in Ajijic, MX. We realize most people cannot spell Ajijic, pronounce it, or even know where it is located and I am not going to tell you, but it has been home for me since 1999. If this were not a good place to be I would not be here, I am not crazy nor am I broke and I could relocate anywhere in the world. Saturday was a great day. I took my 93 year old mother to lunch with me and my young Mexican friend, Maria, age 15, which I have assisted with school and finances since she was 9. Here we have the ultimate contrast in life. My mother tired and slowing down very fast before our eyes and young Maria, growing up to be a beautiful young girl/woman with her life still ahead of her. All of us need to appreciate each day we are given and enjoy our friends and families and the blessings placed in front of us. This world of ours seems to be running full speed ahead and it is easy to forget to enjoy each day. I’m still a work in progress as business seems to get in my way, but we will try to better manage our time between work and pleasure. Later in the day, by … Continue reading

Excellon Resources – An Update

The Warrant Report September 3, 2012 Excellon Resources – An Update In this issue: The Markets Are Looking Great Excellon Resources – An Update The Markets Are Looking Great Gold, Silver and the shares were strong on Friday following FED comments and after initially heading south they rallied big time. There is little doubt that ‘the game is on‘ but we will always have small pullbacks along the way. These pullbacks will continue to be buying opportunities. We are looking for a peak some time between July 2013 and Jan/Feb 2014. Excellon Resources – An Update We have recently purchased shares in EXN and we want you to have all of our updated comments on the company with our views and thoughts, good and bad. Will the mine be shut down this week? Click Here to view the update on our website. NO ONE ELSE DOES WHAT WE DO NO ONE!! To Make Money, You Have To Buy Low and Sell High Well, this is probably about as low as we will see prices and it is time to plant some seeds (buy shares) that will produce a bountiful harvest in 18 to 24 months. We are personally striving for monster gains of 500%, 1,000% or more. This is frequently called a 10 Bagger and this is our goal. Sure, not every position will work out, but on balance, with some good money management and decisions as to what to buy, great gains can and we believe, will be achieved. … Continue reading