A Crazy Warrant Transaction & Junior Mining News

The Warrant Report October 22, 2012 A Crazy Warrant Transaction & Junior Mining News In this issue: Sign up for our new Twitter News – Junior Mining News Northern Miner Article on Soltoro Ltd Crazy Insane Warrant Transaction on Gran Colombia Gold New Twitter Account – Junior Mining News We encourage you to join us on our new twitter account: https://twitter.com/JrMiningNews Northern Miner Article on Soltoro Ltd. We bring this article to your attention as we are mentioned in the article recently released on Northern Miner. You may recall I was on a site visit with another group of analysts in September to some of the Soltoro’s properties here in the State of Jalisco. I am linking to the pdf document below. “Soltoro picks low hanging fruit in Jalisco” Click Here Crazy “Insane” Warrant Transaction Perhaps you saw this news release on the purchase of 70,062,746 of the warrants trading on Gran Colombia Gold by Sprott Asset Management on behalf of their clients. Best we can figure, with the warrants trading at around C$0.15, this represents a total expenditure of $10.5 million. What do they see? They, in my personal opinion, are totally insane on this transaction and this is NOT an investment but a total worthless expenditure, barring an unbelievable miracle. Allow me to explain. The common shares of Gran Colombia Gold, TSX: GCM closed Friday at C$0.335. The warrants trading under the symbol, TSX:GCM.wt, closed at C$0.14 Subscribers know from our detail provided in our Warrant Database, that … Continue reading

Most Analysts Still Don’t Get It

The Warrant Report October 15, 2012 Most Analysts Still Don’t Get It There are a lot of good men and women writing newsletters in the resource sector. All have the best intentions of providing their readers/subscribers will quality content and some good stock picking opportunities. However, it is how some of these analysts approach their stock selections that are the subject of our thoughts today. How do they decide which companies to research and to ultimately recommend? We could probably write volumes on this subject but we will try and focus our views for the sake of brevity. Everyone talks about People and Properties, People and Properties, People and Properties……… Sounds so damn simple doesn’t? But many in the business would not know what it means to go with Good People/Good Management. What the heck does it really mean? Good Management does not mean just being approached at an investment conference by management of a resource company looking for an analyst/newsletter writer to tell their story. Good Management/People does not necessarily mean just having 20 plus years in the business, but rather have they actually accomplished something, i.e., were they responsible for discovering a significant resource, taking a company into the development and/or producing stage and possibility selling ‘their’ company to a major mining company and thus creating great shareholder value for their shareholders? So now let me contrast this statement above with what I just read from another analyst just recommending the shares of a new company to their subscribers.  … Continue reading

Mining Analyst Joins Our Team

The Warrant Report October 8, 2012 Mining Analyst Joins Our Team Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends and neighbors. Our subscribers and followers here at Precious Metals Warrants know that we have continued through the years to create new features and services to add more value for our subscribers. We are now taking our service to a new level with the addition to our team of a Mining Analyst, Ed Skoda. I want you to read Ed’s bio but first, I want you to know our immediate plans. We will be starting with Dudley’s Top 25 Holdings listed in my “Look Over My Shoulder” which is my personal portfolio.  On Tuesday evening we will upload our first report on the most recent company added to Dudley’s Portfolio, an extremely interesting silver exploration company operating in Mexico. In this one page report we will provide subscribers with the BASIC COMPANY INFORMATION and a MANAGEMENT & GEOLOGICAL OVERVIEW by Ed Skoda. Over the coming days and weeks we will be expanding our reports to include other companies so be patient as we will proceed according to Ed’s schedule and we will, as fast as possible, have reports on all of Dudley’s Top 25 Holdings. We will not stop there —- We will be seeking out new opportunities like the new silver company which Ed recently brought to my attention based on his knowledge of their great drill results. Also, Ed and I will soon be conducting site visits to properties which we deem interesting … Continue reading

When Does It Make Sense To Buy Warrants?

The Warrant Report October 1, 2012 When Does It Make Sense To Buy Warrants? First, if you do not know about warrants, please visit our Learning Center for some background and don’t forget that warrants have actually been around since the 1920s and even AT&T once had a warrant trading. Secondly, if you are not interested in warrants, no problem. Since, starting our service in March 2005 as basically a warrant database service, we have greatly expanded our services to subscribers. Did you know we have links to LEAPS and Options available on all resource shares? Now we religiously follow the insider trading activities on hundreds of resource companies trying to filter out some great buying opportunities. As well, subscribers get to see Dudley’s entire Portfolio in what we call “A Look Over My Shoulder” and this includes a great audio update each week by Dudley. Thus we offer a lot of bang for your investment dollars as a subscriber to our services. When Does It Make Sense To Buy Warrants? Do you have an aggressive outlook for the resource sector? Do you like some of the resource companies which have long-term warrants trading? Are you looking for some additional leverage for your investment dollars? Three simple questions and if you answered yes to the above, then you owe it to yourself to get the skinny on warrants and find out what all the buzz is about. A few warrants now have expiration dates out to 2017, five years, and … Continue reading