Shock and Awe

The Warrant Report April 15, 2013 Shock and Awe On Friday, resource investors were treated to an incredible display of ‘shock and awe’, perhaps more appropriately, ‘oh shit’. Serious technical support was broken for gold and now we must wait and see how this plays out over the coming days or weeks. Long term all of the arguments for higher gold and silver prices are still in place and we continue to be as bullish as anyone. But, obviously for now, more patience will be necessary. Today we would like to share a few articles with you from some others in the business to assist us all with keeping our heads on straight at this challenging time: What Should Gold Investors Do? When People Realize…There Will Be A Scramble to Buy It Back GLD Holdings Plunge Don’t laugh, but there is still a mania phase in resource shares in our future. Events change, attitudes change and you will want to stay around for this party. Let us here at assist you in picking the future winners. Dudley TOP PICKS of the PROS By The Greedy Guru   DUDLEY PIERCE BAKER’S “A Look Over My Shoulder” √ This is your own search engine of the top picks of 25 newsletters and analysts √ A company must have 3 or more recommendations to make our list √ We then add additional filters such as insider holdings before our final decision √ Thousands of resource companies are now … Continue reading

Mining Management – Is It Time For A Change?

The Warrant Report April 2, 2013 Mining Management – Is It Time For A Change? In this issue: 1. We had two fast days in Los Angeles 2. Mining Management – Is It Time For A Change? Los Angeles Trip I had a welcomed two day break from the markets while visiting with Ellis Martin in his Los Angeles Studio. We took out 3 of his fleet of Mustang’s and made the turns on the Pacific Coast Hwy., the canyons, Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Ellis loves to ‘punch the pedal’ and we were lucky, but what a thrill. Of course there was lots of discuss of our business and the markets and this led to our next topic. Mining Management – Is It Time For A Change? Frankly, we are tired of watching companies spend money on exploration, sell more stock, spend more money, sell more stock. Well, you get it. Constant dilution of the interest of shareholders. Sure, in some cases there is an increase in reserves but many of the exploration companies seem reluctant to take their companies to the next levels, development and production. Is this not the end game? We are at a lost for a good explanation of the reasons why managements delay trying to place properties into production to raise some revenues while continuing to explore the property and expand their resources. We have seen hints of this frustration from others and sense it is time to pressure … Continue reading