MicroVision- New Trading Warrant

The Warrant Report May 20, 2013 MicroVision – New Trading Warrant In this issue: MicroVision Market Recap Silver Bull Resources My latest Ellis Martin Interview MicroVision – New Trading Warrant We have just added another warrant in the United States to our database of trading warrants.On Friday, MicroVision, (Nasdaq: MVIS) announced a stock offering with warrants which are now trading in the United States. MicroVision is a world leader in the innovation of a new generation of display technology that brings enhanced visibility to the world of mobility. With our new focus on United States companies as well as Canadian companies we bring to our subscribers more great companies such as MicroVision. At www.CommonStockWarrants.com we provide the complete details on the trading warrants of each company and the great leverage calculations which you will need to make a decision as to whether any particular warrant should be purchased and/or is Under Valued, Fair Value or Over Valued. In the case of MicroVision, this is a 5 year warrant, but, there is an acceleration clause to the warrant which you will need to know and we provide the link to this news. Is the MicroVision warrant a good deal? Our information will give you the answer. We encourage you to join us now and help us spread the word of our new and expanded services. All warrants trading, all sectors and industries in the United States and Canada. Subscriptions are now available for either: Warrant Database ONLY  or Warrant Database AND … Continue reading

Favorite Aurcana’s “Shafter Mine” Welcomes Academia

The Warrant Report May 6, 2013 Aurcana’s “Shafter Mine Welcomes Academia & Expanded Services Expanded Services Ellis Marin Interview re Markets and Expanded Services Aurcana’s “Shafter Mine” Welcomes Academia Expanded Services Our new name is now, Common Stock Warrants, www.CommonStockWarrants.com Now we include ALL of the warrants trading on the Toronto Exchange and the Venture Exchange. No longer are we just following and including the natural resource companies. More opportunities for all investors. In addition, I have included a new link to take you directly to the Recent Insider Transactions on all companies. The hyperlink takes you to CanadianInsiders.com and makes it easy for you to have this info at your fingertips. By Sunday evening I hope to have all of the warrants trading in the United States on the U.S. companies uploaded. All industries and all sectors. Banking, financial services, oil & gas, pipelines, mining, etc. Ellis Martin Interview re Markets and Expanded Services: Check out my latest with Ellis. Aurcana’s “Shafter Mine” Welcomes Academia The news flow out of Aurcana’s Shafter Mine has been rather non-existent for the last year. What is going on and does Aurcana have the right people in place? You will enjoy this piece as it connects the dots for all of us as investors in Aurcana. Click Here Let us here at www.JuniorMiningResources.com assist you in picking the future winners. Dudley www.JuniorMiningResources.com www.JuniorMiningNews.com www.TheGreedyGuru.com www.PreciousMetalsWarrants.com TOP PICKS of the PROS By The Greedy Guru   DUDLEY PIERCE BAKER’S “A Look Over My Shoulder” … Continue reading