Favorite AIG Warrants | Up 280% in 20 Months

The Warrant Report June 10, 2013 AIG Warrants | Up 280% in 20 Months In this issue: U.S. Markets  Gold & Silver  AIG Warrants | Up 280% in 18 Months   U.S. Markets: As measured by the Dow and the S&P 500 the markets are still holding up near record levels but caution is in the wind. We are long overdue for a significant correction, but the good news is this will give a great entry point for those not invested and should give us numerous great opportunities with long term warrants.Gold & Silver: Last week we were “Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop”, “…For gold and silver, while there has been some recent strength and gold traded briefly above the $1400, we feel there is another shoe to drop. We remain very cautious on the short term. Some of our sources still see the potential for a pullback in gold to the $1100 level, but at least to $1280. Now all of us know that anything can happen in these markets and yes, there is a chance the bottom in gold, silver and resource shares is already in place. However, short term we are “Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop“….”Last Friday with the announcement of the U.S. Jobs report, gold and silver plunged. Is this the beginning of the next leg down to $1280? We’ll know more soon but again, caution is the operative word while continuing to seeking out those over sold bargain shares.AIG Warrants | … Continue reading