Favorite Fortuna Silver And Endeavour Mining: Insiders Selling And Buying

Savvy investors are aware of the advantages of following the buying and selling by the company insiders. While this is not the Holy Grail, insider activity can be a valuable insight to making money. An insider can be defined as an officer, director or 10% plus shareholder of a public traded company and they are required to report their transactions on a timely basis. Company insider buying is a much more reliable indicator than selling. There is only one reason for the insiders to be buying but there can be an array of personal reasons why a company insider is selling. History has shown us not to rely on only one insider, thus we advise looking for 2 or more insiders buying or selling as a potential gage for the future performance of the shares. We suggest investors visit, CanadianInsiders.com for Canada Companies and InsiderTracking.com for the United States Companies. Both of these services are free and are owned by INK Research.com, a Canadian Company and institutional service of which we are subscribers. In the resource sector most of the companies are Canadian incorporated and thus their reporting requirements and filings are in Canada and all figures used in the examples below are in Canadian dollars. Now let’s showcase two Canadian Companies with recent insider trading activity which trade in the United States. Fortuna Silver (FSM:CA)   Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. is a rapidly growing silver producer with two low-cost operating mines and land holdings of more than 95,600 hectares in Peru and Mexico. Fortuna is … Continue reading

Mining From A Driller’s Perspective

By Dudley Pierce Baker CommonStockWarrants.com On Thursday last week my team, Ken Smith and Ed Skoda and I visited the new facilities of B.D.W. International Drilling, Inc. and Ace Drilling Supplies in Guadalajara, Mexico. Roger Girard, the president of both companies has been a friend for several years and he gave us a tour of the new offices. Serge Lussier is the operations manager for both companies and he and Roger have a long history, both being French Canadians from the Montreal area. Also both having been in Mexico for many years are totally trilingual — Spanish, French, and English. A new building (50,000 sq ft. or 4600 sq mt.) houses all of his operations, to include a helicopter pad. B.D.W. Drilling currently has 30 diamond drill rigs and around 200 employees most out in the field. While business could always be better, they are doing well in this current market environment. A skilled employee of Ace Drilling Supplies applying industrial diamonds to a drill bit — meticulously, one small diamond at a time. The company has had opportunities to expand into Africa and South America, but the drilling operations will stay focused on Mexico. However, the new diamond drill bit manufacturing will serve Mexican, North and South American clients and also overseas markets by having close access to both Atlantic and Pacific port facilities. The resource sector has been a challenging place to do business recently but Roger’s contacts run deep. His company has or is currently drilling for Goldcorp (TSX:G), Penoles.MX, … Continue reading


The Warrant Report VZX | GTIM |  STOCKS IN THE NEWS  | APPY | CDTi Lots of news to share with you but first we would like to share with you our interview we did on Monday with our friend Ellis Martin of The Ellis Martin Report. All subjects are on the table including our current views of the markets and ‘when will this upcoming cycle peak end’. Check it out here. Now for some recent stocks in the news …… and what all of these companies have in common. These companies are good examples of what we do for our subscribers to keep you and them informed of all things….’warrants’. Vuzix Corporation, TSX:VZX | OTC:BB:VUZI Vuzix Corporation Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Common Stock and Warrants Vuzix is a leading supplier of Video Eyewear products in the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets. The Company’s products, personal display devices that offer users a portable high quality viewing experience, provide solutions for mobility, wearable displays and virtual and augmented reality. Vuzix holds 33 patents and 15 additional patents pending and numerous IP licenses in the Video Eyewear field. Good Times Restaurants | (GTIM) Good Times Restaurants Inc. Announces Proposed Public Offering of Common Stock and Warrants Good Times Restaurants Inc. (GTIM) is a regional chain of quick service restaurants located primarily in Colorado providing a menu of high quality all natural hamburgers, 100% all natural chicken tenderloins, fresh frozen custard, fresh cut fries, fresh lemonades and other unique offerings. Good … Continue reading

Favorite The Secret Of Investing With Stock Warrants

We start with the premise that warrants are a secret as so few investors know about the potential benefits via the additional leverage that warrants can offer. Did you know that virtually every company has some outstanding warrants in their capital structure? Simply, a warrant is a security giving the holder the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the underlying security at a specific price and expiring on a specific day in the future. Since the 1920s warrants have been issued in connection with initial public offerings and financing arrangements in which investors or the acquiring companies are seeking more leverage and thus warrants are viewed as an ‘equity kicker’ in those transactions. A call option would be defined very similar, except an option would be created/written by an investor where as a warrant originates from the company and the options will always have much shorter lives, usually 90 days to 1 year. Private Placement Warrants The warrants of most companies were issued in connection with a private placement and thus will never trade. Yes, a few investors will have the financial ability and legal opportunity to participate in a private placement in the resource sector but those offerings by U.S. companies outside of the resource sector give little opportunity for investment. Savvy investors like Rick Rule and Warren Buffett would never participate in a private placement without receiving warrants with at least two (2) years before expiration and many times substantially longer. Trading Stock Warrants Few investors are … Continue reading

How Many Stock Warrants Are Trading?

The Warrant Report How Many Stock Warrants Are Trading? We’re excited to have you on our mailing list. When I started our business in 2005 I was frequently asked, “Dudley, do you think there will continue to be enough warrants trading for you to always be in business?” Well, we have witnessed the list of warrants grow and as we recently expanded our services into the United States in addition to Canada, we are very busy with the new warrants coming to market and thus the new opportunities being made available for savvy investors like yourself. Over the last few days, I have included 13 more trading warrants to our databases and will upload all of these additions to our website this evening. Right now there are a total of 164 companies with stock warrants trading and some companies have two or more warrants trading bringing us to a total of 183 warrants in our databases. To name a few: AIG, Bank of America, New Gold and Sandstorm Gold. Frankly, no one has ever provided all of this information in one online investment newsletter, EVER!!! Tonight will be a good time for our updates as we are closing out the month of July and you can have all of this new information available to you within minutes of joining us. There is little NOT to like about warrants but if you are one of the few still skeptical investors visit our Learning Center. We maintain the United States companies and the Canadian … Continue reading