Special Situations Alert | What Would Your Broker Say?

THE WARRANT REPORT In this issue: Current Market Update Special Situations Alert In the current markets, we see two really interesting setups for the gold market. Last Thursday, gold broke a short down trend AND the MACD has now crossed over to the upside. Charts not shown. There is a good chance gold with proceed upward, at least for the short term. In our gut, we still see the chance for gold to retest the June lows but it is difficult to ignore this interesting short term setup. We advise remaining patient for now. Special Situations Alert Investors should always be on the alert for special situations that appear in the markets from time to time. Our definition of a special situation would be when opportunity and timing come together and present investors with a greater than normal chance for exceptional gains. We believe the current time in the equity markets is approaching this special situation and suggest that investors be ready to act soon by establishing positions in long/term warrants. In the United States with the totally dysfunctional government and a pending default on the government debt, the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 are holding up amazingly well. But, for how long we ask and why have they been so strong of late? The potential for a collapse is clearly upon investors. With a collapse, in our opinion, would come opportunity and this would present an excellent entry point for some of your favorite stocks. Many of our … Continue reading