News Flash | TSX Venture versus CNSX

By Dudley Pierce Baker I am in San Francisco for the Metals & Mining Conference on November 25 and 26. In my first conversations with mining executives before the conference, I am hearing some interesting news. The high listing fees and regulations at the Toronto Venture Exchange seems to be driving companies to consider moving their listing to the Canadian National Stock Exchange, CNSX.  CNSX Markets began operations in 2003 to provide a modern and efficient alternative for companies looking to access the Canadian public capital markets. Recognized as a stock exchange in 2004, CNSX Markets operates the Canadian National Stock Exchange and Pure Trading. Rumor is that the first of the year there will be a big movement and push to promote the CNSX. In my opinion, as long as investors have a venue to buy and sell the Canadian shares and if that venue, the CNSX, has lower fees and requirements, why not? One company in which I own shares trades on the CNSX and I know other CEO’s that are considering a move. There are currently 201 companies listed on the CNSX and the list will be growing soon. We will stay on top of this developing story and hope to have more information to share with you soon. … Continue reading

New Equity Funding Portal ‘PennStarter’

Launched by FINRA broker-dealer Pennaluna & Company Privately owned broker-dealer Pennaluna & Company,, announced today the launch of a first-of-its-kind online equity funding portal “PennStarter”, Coeur d’Alene, ID (PRWEB) November 14, 2013 PennStarter is a website focused on displaying investment opportunities to accredited investors. The team then works with many of the companies to help get them publicly traded on the OTCQX, OTCQB or OTC Pink marketplaces. PennStarter will launch with three active investment opportunities and several more in the pipeline. Some of the investment opportunities available to accredited investors will already be public companies, while others may be working with the PennStarter team to list on the OTCQX, OTCQB or OTC Pink marketplaces. The PennStarter team has decades of experience assisting companies from their initial funding through entering the public market and expects a good response to providing those services on an online portal. This concept is unique for investors as it focuses on providing them a potential exit strategy for their investment. Since investing in startup and early stage funding is known as being a very long-term investment, the idea that they may receive an option to exit earlier is appealing. President Ron Nicklas states, “We are very happy with the initial feedback we’ve received regarding the PennStarter concept. Potential investors seem very excited at the possibility to invest in an organization that is working toward a plan to enter the public market, giving them an exit strategy. Companies are excited to use online funding resources while … Continue reading

Is 2016 The Target Year For Maximum Gains?

  Dudley Pierce Baker Can you wait until 2016? I follow many of the newsletters and analysts in the resource sector as well as in the U.S. markets. Several of the analysts I follow are looking to 2016 as the year in which we will see new highs in gold as well as in the U.S. stock markets. They speak of the possibility of $5,000 plus for gold and over 30,000 in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Yes, the prospect is that both markets will rally together. There are numerous reasons for their projections and I will not get into the details in this article but I firmly believe in their forecast. One of these analysts, Larry Edelson of Money and Markets, states in his promotional email dated November 3, 2013: “All of my research is telling me that a new bull leg higher in gold is coming, and it will be the last big move up that you will see in your lifetime. Maximize your profit potential by getting properly positioned, and sooner rather than later.”  Did you get that statement above? “… the last big move up that you will see in your lifetime …”  I can’t speak for you, but I want a piece of this rally, heck, I want a really big piece. This could be what we have waited for and hoped for and now this opportunity could be right in front of us. Current Markets The markets in the United States have recently hit … Continue reading

The Speculative Merits of Common Stock Warrants

  There are days, and this is one of them, when I feel like I’m preaching to the choir about the profit potential of investing in common stock warrants. It’s a small choir of successful investors, but there are few people in the pews paying attention to my sermon. The granddaddy of investing in stock warrants was Sidney Fried, who died in 1992 at age 72. He was active from the 1950s to the 1970s, publishing a warrant survey newsletter, “The RHM Warrant Survey”, and writing many books about warrants — all of which I own and have studied for many years. Despite his towering expertise about stock warrants, Fried was puzzled and frustrated that otherwise savvy investors ignored stock warrants. Today, I am an echo of that frustration. In his “The Speculative Merits of Common Stock Warrants”, published in 1949, Fried wrote: “…with potential profits and potential losses so great it is a source of wonder that so little understanding of the nature of common stock warrants exists not only among the investing ‘public’, who might be forgiven this sin, but even among the many ‘professionals’ of the business upon whom the ‘public’ depends for information and guidance.” The news of the past month reminds me of Fried’s frustration. Warren Buffett made another half-billon or so because he invests in common stock warrants. This time the warrants were with General Motors (he barely broke even here), but he made a bundle exercising his warrants for stock in Bank of … Continue reading