SILVER-ZINC-LEAD: Bunker Hill Mine – Kellogg, ID

Editors note: Dudley Pierce Baker In 1979, I had the opportunity to spend an entire day underground at the Bunker Hill Mine in Kellogg, Idaho. It’s a long story, but I recall that I was on sight in August 1979 when silver was trading for around $9. Little did anyone know (except the Hunt’s) that silver would be trading at $50 just five months later. Wow, if only…….. I look forward to visiting with the management of Liberty Silver at the Cambridge Writers Conference this weekend, May 28 and 29 in Vancouver. May 17, 2017 by Canadian Mining Journal IDAHO – Toronto-based Liberty Silver Corp. has announced its intention to acquire the Bunker Hill silver-zinc-lead mine and smelting complex at Kellogg from Placer Mining Corp. The acquisition will include all mining rights and claims, surface rights, existing infrastructure at Milo Gulch, machinery and buildings at the Kellogg Tunnel portal level, as well as all  underground equipment and infrastructure. The acquisition would also include all current and historic data relating to the Bunker Hill mine complex, such as drill logs, reports, maps, and similar information located at the mine site or any other location. The price for the Bunker Hill assets is US$30 million. Liberty has already made a payment of US$150,000 and another US$3.5 million is due at closing. Half the total purchase price will be paid over five years in annual installments from the closing date of the deal. The balance, US$15 million, will become due in 15 equal … Continue reading

Doug Casey’s Top Two Ways to Store Wealth Abroad

Doug Casey’s Top Two Ways to Store Wealth Abroad By Nick Giambruno Nick Giambruno: For centuries, wealthy people have used international diversification to protect their savings and themselves from out-of-control governments. Now, thanks to modern technology, anyone can implement similar strategies. Doug, I’d like to discuss some of the basic ways regular people can internationally diversify their savings. For an American, what’s the difference between having a bank account at Bank of America and having a foreign bank account? Doug Casey: I’d say there is possibly all the difference in the world. The entire world’s banking system today is shaky, but if you go international, you can find much more solid banks than those that we have here in the US. That’s important, but beyond that, you’ve got to diversify your political risk. And if you have your bank account in a US bank, it’s eligible to being seized by any number of government agencies or by a frivolous lawsuit. So besides finding a more solid bank, by having your liquid assets in a different political jurisdiction you insulate yourself from a lot of other risks as well. Nick Giambruno: Moving some of your savings abroad also allows you to preempt capital controls (restrictions on moving money out of the country) and the destructive measures that always follow. Doug Casey: This is a very serious consideration. When the going gets tough, governments never control themselves, but they do try to control their subjects. It’s likely that the US is going … Continue reading

Nasdaq Closes At High – The Stock Warrant Handbook

Dudley Pierce Baker The Nasdaq Market continues to hit new highs almost on a daily basis. The Nasdaq is a diversified index but includes many biotechnology and pharmaceuticals companies. Many companies on the Nasdaq have stock warrants trading which can provide investors with much more upside leverage as well as a much lower cost than buying the common shares of those companies. In my recently published book, “The Stock Warrant Handbook”, Your Personal Guide To Trading Stock Warrants, I refer to market timing as an essential element in your investment decisions. “…The market trend, i.e., bull market, bear market or trending can greatly determine your level of success. If you will, think about as a child getting on and off of a merry-go-round. When to jump on and when to jump off can be challenging and scary. Likewise, your timing with investments as to when to enter and exit your positions with warrants will determine your level of success….” For a limited time, I am providing FREE copies of my book, which can also be found on You may download your free copy on my website. … Continue reading

What I See Next For Gold and Silver

May 7, 2017 What I See Next For Gold and Silver Still lots of divergences in the markets with the Dow and S&P 500 trading at their all time highs and gold, silver and junior mining shares tanking. There is surely ‘something here’ for all investors and particularly for those interested in long-term stock warrants. If you need more information on stock warrants, I have just published “The Stock Warrant Handbook”, Your Personal Guide To Trading Stock Warrants. You can get your FREE copy HERE. On May 28th and 29th, I will be attending the Cambridge House Writers Conference in Vancouver, CA. I will be available to answer your questions and will be sharing space with Ellis Martin of The Ellis Martin Reports. Complete details are HERE. Now back to gold and silver…… From the charts below I see that gold and silver are still holding above long-term support and both are either at are very near ‘oversold’ when looking at the technicals. I therefore, believe that we have either bottomed or will bottom very soon. On Friday, May 5th, we actually had shares as measured by the HUI above increase while gold and silver continued to decline, perhaps, just perhaps this is the sight of a bottom. Recent Articles On Our Websites: Receive “The Stock Warrant Handbook” FREE for a LIMITED Time Steven Leeb – Panic Selling Hits the Gold Market DOE Uranium Reduction Should Help Boost Market Compared to Silver and Platinum, Gold Is Getting Really Expensive Pretium Is … Continue reading

Steven Leeb – Panic Selling Hits the Gold Market

May 03, 2017 ALERT: 44-Year Market Veteran Says Panic Selling Now Taking Place In Gold & Silver Markets! With continued weakness in the gold and silver markets, today King World News interviewed the man who has been in the gold and silver business for over 44 years, and what he said about the panic selling that is now taking place was truly fascinating.   Eric King: “Bill, I know you’ve had many gold and silver sell orders taking place recently. You’ve been watching these markets for decades. What is happening here as you see it? Massive Liquidations Taking Place Bill Haynes, founder of CMI Gold & Silver, one of the largest metals dealers in the United States: “Eric, it’s unnerving how many liquidations are taking place. It has now reached the point where the four major wholesalers have been repeatedly lowering their bids on both gold and silver. Meaning, when a customer liquidates, the wholesalers’ bids on the other end are not what they used to be. At this point we are seeing about 30 percent more sell orders than buy orders… “The Last Time We Saw This Was In The 1980s” Eric, in my 44 years in the metals business I can tell you that this is a very rare situation. The last time we saw this was in the 1980s. I have been doing this for almost half a century, and I am shocked at how bad the sentiment is in the gold and silver space at this … Continue reading

Receive “The Stock Warrant Handbook” FREE for a LIMITED Time

Hello Investors, The Stock Warrant Handbook is Now Available For FREE My exciting news for this week is that my book is now available, “The Stock Warrant Handbook”, Your Personal Guide to Trading Stock Warrants. All of you on my current email lists or current subscribers of our services will have the ability to download this Guide for FREE. The book is now available on in a print version for $19.95 and will soon be available as an ebook for free. To receive your FREE copy, please visit, Recent Articles On Our Websites Get Ready for the Biggest Gold Move in Years Stock Warrant Databases and Great Articles Gold Set to Soar to $1,500 as Inflation Makes a Comeback NexGen Drill Results Continue Expansion Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Jesse Livermore) KER Politics – Sat 22 Apr, 2017 Profitable investing to everyone, Dudley Pierce Baker … Continue reading

Stock Warrant Databases and Great Articles

April 11, 2017 Stock Warrant Databases and Great Articles Please scroll down to see our articles for this week, but first I would like to update you on our warrant databases. I have recently added over 20 stock warrants trading on mostly United States companies. Blank Check Companies The Securities and Exchange Commission defines as follows: A blank check company is a development stage company that has no specific business plan or purpose or has indicated its business plan is to engage in a merger or acquisition with an unidentified company or companies, other entity, or person. These companies typically involve speculative investments and often fall within the SEC’s definition of “penny stocks” or are considered “microcap stocks.” Because of the nature of blank check companies, the SEC does not allow them to use some of the exemptions from the registration requirements when selling their securities. For more information about these exemptions, read our brochure, Small Business & the SEC. In addition, a blank check company registering for a securities offering may be subject to additional requirements for the protection of investors, including depositing most of the raised funds in an escrow account until an acquisition is agreed to and requiring shareholder approval of any identified acquisition. A type of blank check company is a “special purpose acquisition company,” or SPAC for short. A SPAC is created specifically to pool funds in order to finance a merger or acquisition opportunity within a set timeframe. The opportunity usually has yet to … Continue reading

Gold Set to Soar to $1,500 as Inflation Makes a Comeback

by Ranjeetha Pakiam March 28, 2017, 7:12 PM CSTMarch 29, 2017, 12:03 AM CST Gold is poised to rally to levels last seen four years ago as rising inflation and negative real interest rates combine to boost demand, according to Incrementum AG, which says that the precious metal may be in the early stages of a bull market. Prices may climb to $1,400 to $1,500 an ounce this year, said Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, managing partner at the Liechtenstein-based company, which oversees 100 million Swiss francs ($101.5 million). Spot bullion — which was at $1,249 on Wednesday — last traded at $1,400 in September 2013. Gold has climbed this year as investors weigh risks that President Donald Trump won’t be able to implement his agenda, adding to uncertainty surrounding European elections and the Brexit process. Against that backdrop, investors are on alert for signs of faster inflation, with the Federal Reserve’s preferred gauge jumping recently to near the bank’s target. Policy makers raised rates this month, and kept forecasts showing two more hikes in 2017. “For the short term, it’s in a bit of a technical no-man’s land, we also see that seasonality is not really favorable,” Stoeferle said in an interview in Singapore on Tuesday. “The real pick up in momentum might start beginning of summer. It’s in the very early stages of the bull market, so everybody is still kind of cautious or slightly negative, but this will improve.” Inflation Hedge Bullion is traditionally regarded as an effective hedge against rising inflation, gaining … Continue reading

Obama’s Administration Spied on Trump PERIOD?

Posted Apr 4, 2017 by Martin Armstrong As evidence exposes the Obama White House was spying on Trump, mainstream media is desperate to cover this up, but most importantly, this is feeding into the forecast of our model that we are looking and the decline and fall. Government is simply not trustworthy and as we see this affair will prove legally to be no different from Watergate and the Nixon scandal except this one goes all the way to the top. We are one step closer to undermining the system, which is critical to the collapse in public confidence. Hillary Clinton told a crowd in San Francisco:  “Resist. Insist. Persist. Enlist.” All the feedback I have been getting from the non-partisan observers confirm that the civil unrest is deliberately being orchestrated to prevent any reforms that Trump had promised. It is highly dangerous to engage such class warfare and I will be issuing a special report on this subject showing this is how the decline and fall always begins. George Soros is allegedly a lead funder in this movement. Even Hungary is trying to stop Soros who is funding what others allege are revolutions in Hungary and even Poland. I warned that reliable sources were putting the leadership role on attempting to undermine Trump squarely on Valerie Jarrett.  I further warned that Jarrett even moved in and was living with Obama turning his home into a political bunker to undermine the Trump Administration and feed civil unrest. Now Bloomberg is reporting that … Continue reading

End of Week, End of Quarter and Great Articles

April 2, 2017 End of Week, End of Quarter and Great Articles See my great articles posted on our websites below, but first….. Market Wrap: A Historical Start To 2017 Silver and Gold Among 1st Quarter Winners The markets closed out the 1st at the following levels: Gold             1,247                                            DJIA                20,663 Silver            18.27                                            S&P 500           2,357 Crude Oil      50.81                                            Nasdaq            5.437 Copper          2.65 Volatility, continues to be our friend and is providing us with many opportunities for trading and investing. What Are You Going To Do? My preference is to ‘play this game’ with the junior mining shares and/or stock warrants. However, many investors are finding great opportunities with warrants on the U.S. stocks in other sectors, bio-techs, pharmaceuticals, banking, etc. Let me assist you with finding these opportunities and increasing your gains as I am on a roll with some monster gains over the last few months, yes 1,000%, and 2,000% PLUS … Continue reading