The Warrant Report: Focus On SPAC Warrants Index & Gold Update

In this issue of The Warrant Report, I would like to update you on the efforts that have been put into place with our SPAC Warrants Index to assist you with making an informed decision as to which warrants you should consider buying.

Jeff has done an incredible job in creating the SPAC Warrant Index which targets the highest probable targets on the SPAC Warrants which will lead you to outrageous gains based upon his proprietary computer modeling with many variables coming into play.

Jeff and I have uploaded all of our trades since September 2020 (when we started) and for all of our Closed Out Positions we have an average of 129% Gain. On average this is for a hold of 6 months, so double that 129% and let’s say 250% on an annual basis. Is that enough to get your attention?

This SPAC Warrant Index is for traders so be prepared to make quick decisions and preferably you have a brokerage account that will allow you to trade in the Pre-Market and Post-Market.

Up till now, we have only allowed new subscribers in on a limited basis but if you are receiving this email, you are now being invited to join us and get started with our SPAC Warrant Index service. Memberships/Subscriptions are available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Modern Speculation With SPAC Warrants by Jeff Baker — This article is still relevant and while lengthy and detailed should be read by interested investors.

SPAC Warrants And Gold Discussion With Chris Vermeulen, Jeff Baker, and Dudley Baker

In a poll over this weekend, we find that over 60% of our followers believe we will have 1 to 3 new (DAs) Definitive Agreements (merger announcements) which will take the warrants spiking higher.

Gold Update
Gold has moved higher this week and closed at $1818 on Friday. Silver currently sits at $24.15 and the US Dollar is at 94.23.

The resource shares and warrants continue to lag but I am very positive on a strong rally coming soon.

A bright spot for the week was on American Lithium, TSXV:LI and the warrants, TSXV:LI.WT
These warrants are in our Canadian Warrant Database and my Gold and Lifetime subscribers are aware that I had a position therein. The shares and warrants exploded this week and I closed out 80% of my position at C$1.75 with a cost basis of C$0.27 for a monster gain, around 650%, in less than 6 months.

Our Services Include:
SPAC Warrant Index – Now available for active traders, professional or novice, with proprietary calculations and indexing of SPAC warrants.
Silver Subscription – Database of all stock warrants trading in the U.S. and Canada including the SPACS and all resource companies
Gold Subscription – All of the Silver information plus, Dudley’s Weekly Audio, and access to Dudley’s Personal Portfolio (This follows primarily holdings in the mining space that has been the main focus through the years for Dudley)

Our subscribers have access at your fingertips, not only all of the particulars on the company and the warrants but also, fabulous charts, quotes, management details, and background of officers of every company.

Our SEARCH FEATURE and FILTERS continue to improve and provide investors, professional and everyday investors, powerful tools allowing subscribers to search from all of the data points in our system, which is everything you could ever imagine. If you find something not there, just let me know and we will do our best to add it to our system.

Our services are about giving you the information and tools which will lead you to great gains.


Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor

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