What is a Stock Warrant?

A warrant is a security (like an option) giving the holder the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the underlying stock at a specific price, within a specified time period. In essence, a warrant is very similar to a long-term call option.

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What is Common Stock Warrants?
What started as a listing for Precious Metals Warrants over a decade ago has expanded rapidly to include each and every warrant trading in North America. The wide range of securities available on the open market can at times be daunting so at CommonStockWarrants.com, we endeavor to make filtering those securities a top priority to give each of you direction to leverage your capital in a more effective manner. This is given by both a database format that is available to subscribers and the insight of Dudley’s Portfolio and Weekly Audio Recordings** for the current items of interest and warrants we are following or invested in.

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Through the use of the Warrant Calculator, the resultant gains when compared to an equal investment in the common shares of a company are astounding. In a world where sensationalism is normalized for marketing, we are not here to be sensational. The leverage of Warrants as an alternative is overlooked far too often by experienced investors as they leave hundreds of percent in gains on the table with an investment in purely the common shares. The alternative entry of warrants to ones portfolio adds a long term leveraged time component on a company that you might already be interested in. When compared to the capital outlay of both an investment in the common stock of a company and the investment of the “Trading” warrant of that same company, the sensationalism is the end result, rather than trying to get lucky. Years of life in most cases on the warrants we actively follow can lead to a litany of entry and exit points that are advantageous and allude to more opportunities to choose the timing to capture gains or limit losses as the case may be.



Insert values below to test how your returns would have been different between the same investment amount in common stock and warrants. (or choose from the examples provided)

Initial Investment in $
The Starting Common Price The Starting Warrant Price
  Warrant Terms
The Final Common Price The Final Warrant Price
Return on Initial (Common) Return on Initial (Warrant)

Amount of return on Common 

Amount of return on Warrant 

The Final Common % The Final Warrant %

% return on Common 

% return on Warrant 

Virgin Galactic, SPCE.WS warrants from a low of $1.37 to $28.20  (Nov- Feb 2020)
SPCE – Common Share Price – $6.90 to $42.49 (516%)
DraftKings, DKNGW from a low of $.80 to $33.40 (Dec-June 2020)(4.075%)
DKNG – Common Share Price – $9.78 to 44.79 (358%)
Nikola Motors, NKLAW from a low of $0.43 to $41.00  (Mar-June 2020) (9,435%)
NKLA – Common Share Price – $10.16 to $93.99 (825%)
Opes Acquisition Corp, OPESW from a low of $0.015 to $5.75 (Mar – June 2020)(38,233%)
OPES – Blank Check Company $9.57 to $19.92 (108%)
Precious Metals
Orezone Gold, TSXV:ORE.WT from a low of C$0.05 to C$0.69  (Feb-Aug 2020)(1,280%) (still in play)
TSXV:ORE – Common Share Price – C$0.22 to C$1.27 (477%)
Northern Dynasty, TSX:NDM.WT.B from a low of C$0.15 to C$3.88 (2016-2017)(2,487%)
NDM – Common Share Price – C$0.37 to C$4.54 (1,127%)
Northern Dynasty, TSX:NDM.WT.B from a low of C$.15 to C$2.55 (Mar-July2020)(1,600%) (still in play)
TSX:NDM – Common Share Price – C$0.48 to C$3.29 (585%)
Aurora Cannabis – TSX:ACB.WT – Oct 2017 to Jan 2018 from a low of C$0.70 to C$11.00(1,471%)
TSX:ACB – Common Share Price – C$2.65 to C$14.88 (462%)
Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.- AGN.WT.CSE  Nov 2019 to April 2020 from C$0.01 to C$0.455 (4,450%)
AGN.CSE – Common Share Price – C$0.04 to C$0.58 (1,350%)




Dudley Pierce Baker

Founder/Editor – Common Stock Warrants

Dudley brings a different background to the investment community. He has a degree in accounting and retired from the Internal Revenue Service as an IRS Team Coordinator, auditing the largest corporations in the United States. He brings his investigative skills into seeking out new investments, following competent management, close scrutiny of insider trading activity, and analyzing the company’s financials. Dudley has been interested in stock warrants since the 1970’s and is now considered an expert in the field by many of the biggest names in the financial arena.

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