“The Runway Is Set For Gold”

The Warrant Report July 23, 2012 “The Runway Is Set For Gold” Of utmost importance to each investor is your personal view as to what you believe is the basis for owning gold and silver and resource shares. In this current market environment it is easy to become discouraged and thus lose sight of our target which we believe is still coming within the next 24 months, i.e., substantially higher prices. Every resource investor should find comforting the words of Eric Sprott in his interview yesterday on King World News. Listen to his views and reasoning and sleep better at night knowing you are following one of the top professionals in the business. http://www.kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/Broadcast/Broadcast.html There are a lot of other great interviews on King World News, including Rick Rule, so check back frequently for their latest.                                                               NO ONE ELSE DOES WHAT WE DO NO ONE!! To Make Money, You Have To Buy Low and Sell High Well, this is probably about as low as we will see prices and it is time to plant some seeds (buy shares) that will produce a bountiful harvest in 18 to 24 months. We are personally striving for monster gains of 500%, 1,000% or more. This is frequently called a 10 Bagger and this is our goal. Sure, not every position will work out, but on balance, with some good money management and decisions as to what to buy, great gains can and we believe, will be achieved. EDUCATION – INVESTMENT IDEAS – … Continue reading

Resource Remorse

The Warrant Report July 16, 2012 Resource Remorse First we want to welcome all of the new subscribers joining us. Your timing could not be better and we appreciate your confidence in subscribing to our unique services. So, how about it? Are you having regrets of investing in the resource sector? I’m sure many of you are questioning your decision and no doubt you have plenty of company right now. But we are confident that the markets will be turning soon to the upside and savvy investors should now be well positioned in a basket of resource stocks and/or warrants. You will be excited as other investors come in at higher prices and eventually drive even the dogs and cats to unimaginable heights. I realize this sounds crazy to you, but I always remember the quote of the legendary Doug Casey, “the day will come when no resource stock will sell for less than $5.” I am of the opinion that this could happen sooner than most analysts/newsletter writers predict and see the potential of a monster market over the next 12 to 24 months. First, we need to get this bottom in place for gold and resource shares. Is the bottom already in place? Yes, it could be, but we will know soon. Let me give you a couple of quotes from two of our favorite newsletters: The Aden Forecast – Pamela & Mary Anne Aden …”you can see that today’s bull market hasn’t yet begun to move in … Continue reading

Geopolitical Risk: Are Your Investments Safe?

The Warrant Report July 11, 2012 Geopolitical Risk: Are Your Investments Safe? First we want to welcome all of the new subscribers joining us. Your timing could not be better. The natural resource sector has always been a risky place for investors, however, with patience and some good stock picks, investors can be greatly rewarded for the risks taken, with gains sometimes as much as 500% to 1,000% or more. Another important factor which MUST NOW be included into your investment decisions is the geopolitical risk. What this means is what countries are you willing to accept the geopolitical risk of investing in that country? Investing in exploration companies is risking enough but NOW MORE THAN EVER you must consider the risk of losing your entire investment. Bolivia, Argentina, DRC and the list goes on and on. Why not save yourself some sleepless nights and invest in resource companies only operating in safe regions in the world? In our warrant database, we provide subscribers with the name of the country in which each company is doing business. As far as we know, we have successfully avoided recommending and buying companies operating in high risk countries to date. What’s Wrong With…….? Investing only in those companies operating in Canada, United States, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Australia, etc.  Obviously, you personally must make the decision as to which companies and how much risk, is too much risk for you. But for us, we will watch this resource sector much more carefully with an … Continue reading