Aurora Cannabis – How High Is High???

January 3, 2018
By: Dudley Pierce Baker

For those investors ‘playing’ the marijuana/cannabis sector recent times have been good.

You can define ‘recent times’ as a month or two, or in the case of Aurora, merely days.

Aurora Cannabis shares and stock warrants trade on the TSX Exchange with the symbols of ACB and ACB.WT.

Aurora is literally the talk of the town but our interest here is showing you how the shares and stock warrants have performed as of today’s close by the following charts.

The common shares have risen since October from C$3.00 to today’s close of C$14.18. A wonderful gain of 373%.


However, the real action has been in the stock warrants which started trading in late October 2017 could have been bought for C$0.60 in the first week of trading….but then exploded higher ending today’s trading at C$10.25 after hitting an intra day high of C$10.80 for a gain of 1608%.

That is NOT a misprint.

Thus the stock warrants have thus far outperformed the common shares by a leverage factor of 4.31 to 1.

In less than 2 1/2 months, the stock warrants have risen over 1,600% for an unbelievable performance.

A quick view of the charts above, however, must beg the question:

‘How High Is High’?

Obviously the shares and warrants are in a parabolic movement which all investors should be aware. Stay with your position as long as possible but exit as fast as possible when the tide turns. This is not an easy decision but one that all investors should love to have to make.

Just don’t over stay the party and be sure to take some profits along the way.

There are several other stock warrants trading on marijuana/cannabis companies which are included in our stock warrants databases at,

which one will be the next big winner?



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