Gold: Will It Ever Break Out?

Hello investors and a big special thanks to our new and long time subscribers. It seems that investors in the resource space are waiting and waiting and waiting for gold to perform. It has been very quite recently and trading in a tight range of $1290 to $1305 or so. We must get over $1380 to $1400 for the party to start. There appears to be numerous catalysts, the U.S. dollar, world events, debt, trade talks, etc. which could impact the pricing of gold, but none have yet done anything to affect the price. So, we resource investors continue to wait patiently. While no one can exactly predict the short term direction of gold and the U.S. dollar, I continue to believe that the current markets are giving resource investors an excellent entry point right now. For me, there is only one way to play this ‘game’ by investing in quality junior mining companies and/or long-term stock warrants trading on those companies. If you are not familiar with stock warrants, you can receive The Stock Warrant Handbook for FREE by visiting, along with more freebies. As well, many investors are finding great opportunities with warrants on the U.S. stocks in other sectors, bio-techs, pharmaceuticals, banking, blank check companies, etc. Remember that only 25% or so of my personal portfolio is in stock warrants, the balance are common shares in the junior mining companies and I am on the hunt for new additions to my portfolio which have the potential … Continue reading