From Jalisco, MX – Leaving America

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September 10, 2012

From Jalisco, MX – Leaving America

In this issue:

  • A beautiful evening in Ajijic, MX.
  • Leaving America
  • What a great week in the markets

A Beautiful Evening in Ajijic, MX.
We realize most people cannot spell Ajijic, pronounce it, or even know where it is located and I am not going to tell you, but it has been home for me since 1999.

If this were not a good place to be I would not be here, I am not crazy nor am I broke and I could relocate anywhere in the world.

Saturday was a great day. I took my 93 year old mother to lunch with me and my young Mexican friend, Maria, age 15, which I have assisted with school and finances since she was 9. Here we have the ultimate contrast in life. My mother tired and slowing down very fast before our eyes and young Maria, growing up to be a beautiful young girl/woman with her life still ahead of her. All of us need to appreciate each day we are given and enjoy our friends and families and the blessings placed in front of us. This world of ours seems to be running full speed ahead and it is easy to forget to enjoy each day. I’m still a work in progress as business seems to get in my way, but we will try to better manage our time between work and pleasure.

Later in the day, by chance, I ran into a friend and invited her for a drink at one of my favorite places. As it turned out, the Mariachi’s had just started to play. What a treat, a good friend, Mariachi’s, Tequila, a beautiful view of the mountains and as we were leaving the restaurant, the rains were starting for the evening. A charming and captivating evening and I overheard others talking about how ‘lucky’ we are to be ‘here‘. ‘Here’ just happens to be this beautiful place called Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. And frankly, we are not just ‘lucky’ to be here, we chose this place for many reasons and this is home.

Leaving America
I don’t recall if I have mentioned Ken Smith to you before. Ken is an American Expat as well and currently lives in Ajijic. He has spent many years in Europe but I am glad he is here as we are getting to know each other better and seeking ways to assist each other in business.

Ken has a blog titled, Leaving America and has a lot of great articles for your reading pleasure. Banking, investments, expats, Switzerland, some good stuff folks, so please visit his blog for all the goodies. Spend some time there and look around, lots to see and lots of links to others we know. You’ll be hearing a lot more from us about Ken Smith and Leaving America.

What A Great Week in the Markets

Did you like the markets this week?

I would hope so, as we had gold up $45, silver up almost $2 and HUI up 25 for the week. We had anticipated this up move and we have left for you below our previous comments of 2 weeks ago. Sure, we have come a long way fast and a pause should be a given but we are in the early stages of our long awaited bull market. Remember, we are looking for a peak or let’s call it a trading top between July 2013 and Jan/Feb 2014.

We trust you are following us at either, or preferably both services as each has its own different approach to the markets and picking the winners. If not us, I hope you are following someone and are on board or will soon be getting on board this moving train.

“This train is not going to wait for you; you are going to have to jump on.”


For your historical review our report of two weeks ago follows:


Did You Have A Good Week?

This was an exciting week in the markets with gold and silver finally breaking out of their narrow trading ranges.

Many stocks are firming up but are not yet super exciting.

It is time for you to be in these markets – NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few charts will give you a better sense of where we are:

Gold has now come back up above this 65 Week Moving Average.

Below you will see we have clearly broken about the short term consolidation pattern for gold over the last few months.

The HUI is up against short term resistance but we should be able to break thru.

Bottom line is we are looking very good and you should be buying or

already have completed much of your buying in the resource sector in anticipation of substantially higher prices.


To Make Money, You Have To Buy Low and Sell High

Well, this is probably about as low as we will see prices and it is time to plant some seeds (buy shares) that will produce a bountiful harvest in 18 to 24 months.

We are personally striving for monster gains of 500%, 1,000% or more. This is frequently called a 10 Bagger and this is our goal. Sure, not every position will work out, but on balance, with some good money management and decisions as to what to buy, great gains can and we believe, will be achieved.





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Something to Remember:

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If you are already fully invested or substantially so, don’t be depressed. We are near the end and should be seeing higher prices soon. Hang in there – you will be rewarded.

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For current subscribers we greatly appreciate your business and trust you are taking advantage of your subscription to our services.


Dudley Pierce Baker – Owner/Editor – Guadalajara/Ajijic, Mexico
Bruce Ross – Webmaster and Administrative Assistant – Phoenix, USA

Jeff Baker – Assistant Editor and Administrative Assistant, El Paso, TX

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