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SPAC Warrants – Legacy Acquisition Corp (LGC, LGC.WS)

In the SPAC arena, the business combination announcement is the “holy grail” of the trade 90 percent of the time. We seek to set up our portfolio to capture the often-unexpected news. Prior to the open this morning, I was positioned in Legacy Acquisition Corp (LGC, LGC.WS) as part of my ongoing pursuit of combining

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Investing in Common Stock Vs. Warrants: SPAC Spotlight

In the ensuing debate on investment decisions and where to allocate ones’ resources, I want to showcase the advantages and disadvantages of how mildly different portfolio allocations can make a significant difference in the return you will see on your investments…. I must preface the following content with a summary of the current analyst material that you will readily find at a mere mention of the acronym SPAC in any search engine. The flood of content is typically related to an individual company specifically and/or an article that seeks to gain page views for a myriad of reasons.

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Trading your way to quick gains with a basket of warrants. (part 5 of 5)

Wrapping UP **the examples and commentary given are for informational purposes only and as with any investment decisions you are encouraged to do your own due diligence and consult your licensed investment advisor** Return to the first part of this article series if any of the terminology or discussion in parts of this series needs

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Trading your way to quick gains with a basket of warrants. (part 4 of 5)

Continuing where we left off, we have now identified our targets based on the methodology that has been discussed. The next stage is to spend some money and roll the dice with a statistical advantage in our corner.

Revisiting the previous list of targets we have been outlining and including with our entry prices the final exit prices let’s see how they performed individually and as the proposed “basket”.

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Trading your way to quick gains with a basket of warrants. (part 2 of 5)

Without giving away the farm, I will allude to a system of calculations and processes that will not be fully discussed. The reason for this is partially proprietary and somewhat expansive as it relates to Python or Machine Learning algorithms, as it relates to this particular series of articles, the underlying methodology will be

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