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Modern Speculation with SPAC Warrants

Most investors in SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) have experienced a series of body blows since late February. While the exact catalyst could be argued, none were larger than missed expectations from an overly anticipated deal with Churchill Capital IV. The subsequent freefall of most warrants was extreme, even for those of us that hold

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Weekly Chronicles in SPAC Warrants

Weekly SPAC Warrant Chronicles This week was one for the ages, the dark ages, but the ages nonetheless. A brutal bloodbath took over the bulk of our week and showed some weakness that we had not seen since roughly early October. This was not caused by a singular event but rather a series of factors

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SPAC Warrants – Legacy Acquisition Corp (LGC, LGC.WS)

In the SPAC arena, the business combination announcement is the “holy grail” of the trade 90 percent of the time. We seek to set up our portfolio to capture the often-unexpected news. Prior to the open this morning, I was positioned in Legacy Acquisition Corp (LGC, LGC.WS) as part of my ongoing pursuit of combining

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Investing in Common Stock Vs. Warrants: SPAC Spotlight

In the ensuing debate on investment decisions and where to allocate ones’ resources, I want to showcase the advantages and disadvantages of how mildly different portfolio allocations can make a significant difference in the return you will see on your investments…. I must preface the following content with a summary of the current analyst material that you will readily find at a mere mention of the acronym SPAC in any search engine. The flood of content is typically related to an individual company specifically and/or an article that seeks to gain page views for a myriad of reasons.

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