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Weekly SPAC Warrant Chronicles

What a time to be in this market trading warrants!

With relative certainty, there will be a competing chorus over the coming weeks, some will be doomsday scenarios of “bubbles popping” and others will be “pie in the sky” aspirations that are likely to be overvalued. Somewhere in the middle is just fine for us and I expect that to be where we land. When you take out the noise of marketing commentary for views and shares, the truth is, the wheels are going to keep turning. It doesn’t take much effort to find just as much pumping of a larger name stock on CNBC as it does on Twitter. Remember that following the crowd can find you in OVERPRICED territory very quickly and diminish the upside we are looking for when dealing with warrants. This week I am not going to dump a bunch of S1’s on you or inundate you with a lot of commentary on how bad of a bloodbath we just participated in. I feel its best to hear my morning commentary when it was still bloody on a day in which a righteous mid-day bounce would ultimately be seen. With that being said the content in the video is not financial advice in any way shape or form. I speak candidly about many topics in the context of subscriber videos and the information can and does regularly change as expected. The names in the Indexes when displayed were for that snapshot in time prior to recording and fluctuate as to whether we see them regularly or in event driven scenarios. We do still have to isolate targets after they have been indexed and most mornings am looking at charts for which index selections show entry points.

It feels as if we could see events blossom for the spring, be careful about the summer onset that will come down the road.

Happy Trading


*If you don’t know, we don’t do the “doomsday scenario” here at CSW, we speculate and look for opportunities.

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