Coming Soon – A New Stock Warrant On A Producing Gold Company

By Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor



Coming Soon – A New Stock Warrant On A Producing Gold Company

Investors, I am excited.

I have recently received news of a new stock warrant with a 6 year life to begin trading possibly later this month (April).

This warrant is on a gold company currently producing around 200,000 oz a year and currently profitable.

If you believe that gold prices will rise in the coming years, then this company’s shares and stock warrants should be of great interest to you and all investors.

This smell like the potential for another 10 bagger or more, meaning over 1,000% gains.

In fairness to my current subscribers I cannot share the name of this company with you and I am sure you understand. If you are a current subscriber you have been alerted to this opportunity in last weeks audio.

I encourage you to join me now as a subscriber to my services and listen to my weekly audio’s as I continue to follow this story and others at this most incredible buying time in years for long-term stock warrants.

With a mere $1,000 investment in these warrants and a 1,000% gain, you will have paid for a subscription to my services for nearly a decade.


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