Avrupa Closes Financing and Options Portuguese Property

Source: The Gold Report 04/27/2017 Avrupa Minerals, a prospect generator active in Europe, has closed a financing and announced that it has optioned the Alvito project in southern Portugal. Avrupa Minerals Ltd. (AVU:TSX.V, FWB:8AM) announced on April 20 that it had closed a financing via a private placement, raising $225,000 through issuing 2.5 million common shares at $0.09 per share. In an April 11 announcement, the company noted that the proceeds of the offering “will be used for exploration and operations in Kosovo, Portugal, Vancouver and for general and administration costs.” Paul Kuhn, Avrupa’s president & CEO, commented on April 11 that “with our new partner in Portugal funding the Alvito IOCG exploration, and our partner in Kosovo funding a large drill program at the Slivovo gold project, our costs in those locations are low. These new funds will cover costs to advance our other key projects.” The Alvito iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) project in southern Portugal was optioned to Australia-based OZ Exploration Pty. Ltd. (OZE), a subsidiary of OZ Minerals Ltd. (OZL:ASX), in an agreement announced on April 10. According to Avrupa, “the agreement allows for OZE to earn up to a total 75% interest in the project by spending AUS $4,000,000 over approximately 2.5 years.” CEO Kuhn noted, “The OZ Minerals exploration team has significant IOCG exploration experience around the world. This is Avrupa’s first IOCG target in Portugal, and we look forward to quickly moving the program ahead.” With previous partners, Avrupa developed a central target area of … Continue reading

Stand on Guard for Thee (Canada)

Source: Michael J. Ballanger for The Gold Report 04/26/2017 The tariff the Trump Administration plans to slap on Canadian lumber imports should lead to a further weakening of the Canadian dollar, a move that precious metals expert Michael Ballanger says can only help the bottom line of Canadian gold producers. Over the past 40 years, the British Columbia lumber business has always taken great glee in plucking the chin hairs out of Uncle Sam’s beard by legislating protection for its markets by way of subsidies and tax credits with political parties catering and pandering to the voting workers in an industry that dominates the provincial workforce ranking second only to agriculture. Each time one of the grey bristles was plucked from that star-spangled beard, the Big Man would flinch and growl and wave his massive arm as if to swat away the irritant but NEVER would Uncle Sam do anything but make noise. Now, with news that the Trump Administration intends to slap a 24% tariff on Canadian lumber exports to the U.S., the first cannonball in the dismantling of NAFTA has sailed across the bows of the Mexican and Canadian frigates moored in the harbor of international trade. The Canadian dollar has been smoked for a 0.65% haircut Tuesday and that trend is NOT going to end any time soon because of the old adage that “there is never only one cockroach”; these U.S. politicians will have a sitting duck target in their northern neighbors because Canada has absolutely … Continue reading

Receive “The Stock Warrant Handbook” FREE for a LIMITED Time

Hello Investors, The Stock Warrant Handbook is Now Available For FREE My exciting news for this week is that my book is now available, “The Stock Warrant Handbook”, Your Personal Guide to Trading Stock Warrants. All of you on my current email lists or current subscribers of our services will have the ability to download this Guide for FREE. The book is now available on Amazon.com in a print version for $19.95 and will soon be available as an ebook for free. To receive your FREE copy, please visit, http://CommonStockWarrants.com Recent Articles On Our Websites Get Ready for the Biggest Gold Move in Years Stock Warrant Databases and Great Articles Gold Set to Soar to $1,500 as Inflation Makes a Comeback NexGen Drill Results Continue Expansion Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Jesse Livermore) KER Politics – Sat 22 Apr, 2017 Profitable investing to everyone, Dudley Pierce Baker http://CommonStockWarrants.com http://JuniorMiningNews.com … Continue reading

Jack Chan's Weekly Gold and Silver Update: Trends Are Up

Source: Jack Chan for The Gold Report 04/22/2017 Technical analyst Jack Chan charts upward trends in the precious metals markets. Our proprietary cycle indicator is up. The gold sector is on a long-term buy signal. Long-term signals can last for months and years and are more suitable for investors holding for the long term. The gold sector is on a short-term buy signal. Short-term signals can last for days and weeks, and are more suitable for traders. The trend is up on gold stocks. The trend is up in gold. The trend is up in silver. Silver is on a long-term buy signal. SLV is on a short-term sell signal, and short-term signals can last for days to weeks, more suitable for traders. SummaryThe precious metals sector is on a major buy signal. The cycle is up. The trends are up. The multimonth correction is complete; I am looking for overall higher prices. Jack Chan is the editor of simply profits at www.simplyprofits.org, established in 2006. Chan bought his first mining stock, Hoko Exploration, in 1979, and has been active in the markets for the past 37 years. Technical analysis has helped him filter out the noise and focus on the when, and leave the why to the fundamental analysts. His proprietary trading models have enabled him to identify the NASDAQ top in 2000, the new gold bull market in 2001, the stock market top in 2007, and the U.S. dollar bottom in 2011. Want to read more Gold Report … Continue reading

Get Ready for the Biggest Gold Move in Years

April 19, 2017 Justin Spittler Research Analyst     Make the trend your friend. Every investor has heard this advice. It means that you should swim with the tide, not against it. In other words, don’t buy stocks that are in free fall. And don’t bet against stocks that are soaring. After all, a trend in motion tends to stay in motion. With that said, bull markets don’t last forever. The same goes for bear markets. This is important because you can make an absolute fortune by buying an asset as it exits a bear market and enters a new bull market. One of the safest and most proven ways to do this is to buy an asset right after it “breaks out” of a downtrend. Just look at what uranium stocks did when they broke out of a multi-year downtrend in December. The Global X Uranium ETF (URA), which holds 22 uranium stocks, jumped 45% over the next couple months. Here’s another example. This chart shows the performance of the VanEck Vectors Coal ETF (KOL) since the start of 2011. KOL invests in 27 coal stocks. Like uranium stocks, coal stocks were in a downtrend for years. But they broke out of that last September. Since then, the average coal stock is up 35%. • These are big gains for such short periods… Unfortunately, most investors never take advantage of these situations. That’s because they don’t realize that an asset’s broken out until it’s already up 30%…40%…or even 50%. By then, it’s too … Continue reading

NexGen Drill Results Continue Expansion

Source: The Energy Report 04/20/2017 Drill results from NexGen Energy’s A3 Zone of the Arrow project have significantly expanded the zone to the northeast and have discovered massive pitchblende. NexGen Energy Ltd. (NXE:TSX; NXGEF:OTCQX) released results from 18 holes from its winter drill program at the Rook I property in Canada’s Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan. According to the company, hole AR-17-136c2 is marked by “dense accumulations of massive to semi-massive pitchblende mineralization and is the strongest zone of mineralization encountered in the A3 shear to date. This newly discovered area is open to the northeast.” Garrett Ainsworth, NexGen’s vice-president of exploration and development, stated, “Drilling has been very successful in significantly expanding mineralization at Arrow on several fronts. The discovery of massive to semi-massive pitchblende mineralization encountered in hole AR-17-136c2 in the A3 shear looks identical to that found in the A2 Sub-Zone.” The A2 shear zone also shows expansion. Step-out drilling 200 meters northeast of existing drilling has intersected “39.0 m of total composite mineralization including 1.65 m of total composite off-scale radioactivity.” A drill hole 255 meters northeast has intersected “18.5 m of total composite mineralization including 1.6 m of total composite off-scale radioactivity.” On the A2 shear, Ainsworth said, “Further step outs into the northeast gap of the A2 shear have returned additional high grade intervals, where we expect mineralization to continue further northeast and down-dip to drill hole AR-15-50. Scissor drill holes stepping out and within the A2 and A3 High Grade Domains continues to exceed … Continue reading

Red Eagle Declares Commercial Production at San Ramon

Source: The Gold Report 04/20/2017 Commercial production was declared at Red Eagle Resources’ San Ramon mine in Colombia, nearly five months after announcing the first gold pour. On April 10, Red Eagle Mining Corp. (R:TSX; RDEMF:OTCQX; R:BVL) announced that it declared commercial production at its San Ramon mine in Antioquia, Colombia, on March 31. The company reported that “the processing facility has reached a steady operating throughput capability and underground mining is progressing at an increasing rate with the opening up of additional ore development headings.” The company is advancing the decline at the rate of up to 27 meters a day, an increase from an earlier rate of 3 meters a day when the decline was going through less-stable oxidized rock. The decline is now 2.4 kilometers long. Gwen Preston of Resource Maven noted on April 12 that “the mine and mill are regularly achieving design rates, something that takes a lot more engineering, ingenuity, and dedication that most might realize.” Preston observed that a “few ground conditions concerns have arisen, enough to slow mining and prompt a switch to mechanized cut and fill instead of long hole stoping. That’s not ideal from a speed and cost perspective, which is why Red Eagle is forecasting 35,000 to 40,000 oz. gold this year, down from earlier expectations. . .the company expects to ramp up the pace and produce the targeted 70,000 oz. in 2018.” “At this point Red Eagle thinks San Ramon will be cash flow positive in the second … Continue reading

Dark Star Shining Brightly for Gold Standard Ventures in Nevada

Source: The Gold Report 04/20/2017 Exploration company Gold Standard Ventures has reported multiple results from its Dark Star prospect at its 100%-owned Railroad-Pinon project over the past week and a half. Gold Standard Ventures Corp. (GSV:TSX.V; GSV:NYSE) has had a busy week with the agreement to acquire Battle Mountain Gold and the release of multiple results from its Railroad-Pinon project. In an April 10 press release, Gold Standard Ventures reported the Dark Star prospect oxide zone had +88% cyanide soluble recoveries. The results “confirm the consistently oxidized nature of gold mineralization within the Main Dark Star and North Dark Star gold zones.” Gold Standard Venture’s metallurgical consultant Gary Simmons will now “proceed with the definition of composites for bottle roll and column leach tests.” ROTH Capital Partners, PI Financial and Gold Speculator released positive reviews of the Dark Star results. ROTH Capital analyst Joe Reagor explained in an April 12 note that a combined PEA on Pinon and Dark Star deposits is probably next after the “well above our modeling assumption of an average recovery rate of 82% cyanide soluble” was reported. “We believe our estimates could prove conservative when GSV provides initial project economics. As a result of the strong recovery data for Dark Star, we are increasing our price target from $3.10 to $3.25. . .reiterating our buy rating,” Reagor concluded. Brian Szeto with PI Financial, in an April 12 Corporate Update, reviewed the Dark Star results as a positive, pointing out that “the project can be mined … Continue reading

Global Yields Worth Holding

Source: Adrian Day for The Gold Report 04/19/2017 Money manager Adrian Day reviews some of the companies in his portfolio, including some global companies with yields up to 7.5%. Loews Corp. (L:NYSE, 46.09) has finally made a long-awaited new acquisition, spending $1.2 billion of its $5 billion cash hoard to buy Consolidated Container Company, a plastic packaging manufacturer. If not exactly exciting, the company meets Loews’ acquisition criteria as set out by CEO James Tisch: it is in a fragmented industry offering opportunities for further acquisitions, it has strong cash flows and is unlikely to be subject to major technological disruption. The acquisition also diversifies Loews’ portfolio into a relatively stable area to help offset the volatile oil and gas sectors. Loews, trading at a 14% discount to its Net Asset Value, with upside potential from its oil and gas as well as more steady cash flows from its hotels and insurance units, and a still rock-solid balance sheet, remains a long-term holding. Given the discount is well below historical average, we would look for a wider NAV discount to step up buying. High yields from around the world Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (HPHT:Singapore), US$0.40) reported a 15% decline in profits on a 6% decline in throughput for 2016, in line with expectations. But the company lowered dividend guidance for this year, for an implied yield of 7.5%. The trust is under pressure from macro issues, including shipping alliance rationalization leading to pricing pressures, sluggish global trade and pressures on … Continue reading

Confusion Reigns. . .

Source: Michael J. Ballanger for The Gold Report 04/19/2017 Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger analyzes recent movements in the gold sector. A few days ago, I postulated that despite the seasonal weakness most were anticipating in May and despite the sharp increase in Commercial shorting that was still below 2016 levels, the precious metals would buck conventional wisdom and advance further into even greater degrees of overbought status. On Tuesday morning, after watching 22,000 contracts in June Gold completely wipe out every bid down to $1,280.60, causing a sympathetic crash in silver down to $18.06, I was not only ready to break out the infamous Louisville Slugger, but also my wonderful dog Fido went screaming out of the house in obvious expectation of the arrival of an MJB tirade and temper tantrum. Actually, Fido was well guided in assuming a Ballangerian response to the blatant intervention of the bullion banks, which was almost a “given” after the pre-Good-Friday COT report that showed the Commercials now at the highest aggregate short position in gold for 2017 and one of the highest ever in aggregate silver shorts EVER. The Cartel cretins waited until all of the technical funds were “in” after chasing the gold “breakout” above $1,260 and a similar silver “breakout” above $18.50 until they sensed the slightest hint of weakness at which point they descended upon the Crimex trading pits like sharks in a frenzy. However, despite the pounding, gold battled back into the green and was back above $1,290, … Continue reading