Junior Mining News – March 31, 2024

Gold this week closed at $2232 closing at highs and silver still lags but closed at $24.95.

Question for you?
If Nvidia, or Apple or Telsla, or Agnico Eagle or Franco-Nevada or Wheaton River had stock warrants trading would you be interested?

Of course you would as you would be getting additional leverage on these great companies. Unfortunately, none of these companies currently have stock warrants trading. But in the past, Agnico Eagle, Franco-Nevada, and the predecessor of Wheaton River (Silver Wheaton) did have warrants trading.

My point is, if stock warrants were trading on a company that you currently own or like – you would be interested!

It is impossible for investors to know all of the companies that have warrants trading (currently around 900) without access to the only comprehensive service on the market where you can sort and filter our databases as you wish to find exactly what you want to accomplish.

Mining shares and the warrants thereon are lagging but should be catching up soon allowing you to JOIN US AT CSW NOW so you can see how I am playing this coming bull market in mining shares and warrants.

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