Junior Mining News – A Great Time To Be A Contrarian Investor

This is a great time to be a contrarian investor but are you taking advantage? Probably Not!

I and most other newsletter writers in the PM and junior mining sector are extremely bullish longer term and I, personally believe the current market environment is giving you a gift. Shares are on sale – stock warrants are on sale – presenting a great opportunity for aggressive contrarian investors.

As a Gold Subscriber, you will have access to Dudley’s Personal Portfolio and I identify all of my positions, but, importantly I identify and specify each of my TOP 12 positions. You will have access to charts, comments, insider transactions and much, much more. Currently, all of my TOP 12 positions are selling for less than C$0.20 and a few as low as C$0.01, yes that is correct, 1 penny. Are you curious which shares and warrants that I own?

Gold and silver are holding strong and more upside is expected in the short term but many mining shares continue to lag. Our day will come so do not worry, focus on accumulating more undervalued shares and/or stock warrants on your favorite companies. If you are one of my Gold Subscribers you have access to my portfolio and see exactly what I own and how I am positioning myself for monster gains. Think 500%, 1,000%, 2,500%, 5,000% gains, that’s the game I am playing. JOIN ME NOW, if you are not a current subscriber.


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