David Smith: Love and Fear Trade Buying Will Drive Metals, and These Miners Higher. . .This Year!

The Gold Report: David Morgan, principal of the eponymous The Morgan Report, and Equity and Economic Analyst Chris Marchese recently co-wrote “The Silver Manifesto.” A major theme in the book is the “debt bomb.” Please briefly explain what that is and why investors should be concerned.

David H. Smith: “The Silver Manifesto” was written to inform and appeal to precious metals investors with all levels of experience. A lot of our new subscribers are getting connected with the silver story, but there are others who have been in the trenches for quite a while. David and Chris wanted to make the fundamental case for silver a compelling one. The debt bomb is technically the piling on of derivatives and central-bank-induced debt from ultra-low interest rates and quantitative easing.

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“The Silver Manifesto”

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We almost had a global economic collapse in 2008, yet the overhang is still there. We also have other information benefitting silver and that’s the “love trade,” which we will talk about later. Your readers are likely well versed in the idea that they have to be prepared for the coming debt bomb by owning some physical precious metals and a few mining stocks. It’s folly for anyone to think that they can wait until the bomb explodes to take action.

TGR: The Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world have done an exceptional job of kicking the can down the road. Why can’t they continue?

DS: At some point the piper has to be paid. …read more

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