DeepGreen hits backs at firms opposing seafloor mining

Note from Dudley Pierce Baker
DeepGreen is set to go public via a merger with a blank check company/Special Purpose Acquisition Company, Sustainable Opportunity Acquisition Corporation, SOAC.
Jeff and I both own the stock warrants on SOAC trading as SOACW on the Nasdaq. The stock warrants will have an expiration date of 5 years from the completion date of the merger. For us, this represents an interesting long-term opportunity for PM investors.

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Deep Green hits backs at firms opposing seafloor mining

DeepGreen intends to produce metals from polymetalic rocks, found in deep oceans. (Image courtesy of DeepGreen Metals.)

Canada’s DeepGreen Metals, a seafloor mining hopeful that recently announced plans to go public, is hitting back at companies including Google and BMI for committing to not buying minerals extracted from the seafloor until the environmental risks of the activity are “comprehensively understood.”


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