Did You Know | Stock Warrants Can Be Sold Short?

mikeswansonEditors Note:
If Mike Swanson is correct that we maybe entering a bear market
then investors might want to consider how they could use stock warrants
to accomplish more gains. Consider, selling the warrants sold, or
buying the warrants and then shorting the common shares, or develop
your own hedging strategies. You can get the complete list of all
stock warrants trading here.


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When Bear Markets Strike Many Perish, But Some Profit

As I explained to you in the above video there are signs of growing instability in the financial markets that are very similar to what we saw appear in the summer of 2000 and 2007 before the last two bear markets struck in full force.

I was able to recognize those signs back then and take action to protect myself and warn my friends to what was coming.  In fact I even profited by taking selective bets against individual stocks and the stock market as a whole during those bear markets.  And there were even some select sectors and asset classes that broke away from the big bear trends.

I am now publicly sounding the warning bell again.

Market cycles change and when they do you must take action to adapt to them.

On March 8, 2015 I issued a full report to members of my high net worth and expensive Power Investor inner circle membership group explaining that I was liquidating my own investment positions and taking big actions to reposition myself ahead of an impending bear market. 

The stock market has been rising for six years and has become wildly overvalued.  At the same time there has been no real economic recovery to speak of to justify the valuation of the US stock market and corporate earnings growth is faltering.  At the beginning of the year Wall Street experts were predicting over 8% earnings growth for the S&P 500 companies and have just been forced to pair that prediction down to 4.1%.

The stock market is getting increasingly volatile and unstable.  I believe these wild gyrations and internal deterioration inside the stock market is a harbringer of big losses to come in the US stock market averages.

However, even though many may perish financially in the next big bear attack, some will profit.  There will be some that take defensive action to be able to buy into break away bull markets elsewhere in select sectors and asset classes and even make bets to profit from the downside drop in the DOW, Nasdaq, and S&P 500.


Although you are not yet in my inner circle group, I feel compelled to do something urgent to help you.

I have put together a Bear Market Power Pack to help you adjust and adapt to these changing financial markets and so that you will not only avoid the stock market bear pitfalls going forward, but also take advantage of the opportunities it can bring for you too.

This Bear Market Power pack consists of seven modules that will help you get an instant handle of the situation.

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All of this is included:

Now I could sell each one of these seven modules separately to you, but I have priced this Bear Market Power Pack offering for one bundled price, because I want to help as many people as I possibly can in this time of growing financial danger.  There is no cheaper price than I can charge for this.

I also do not want time to delay us.  So instead of mailing all of this to you via postal mail I have it setup so that you can instantly access all of this material online in a special members only access area as soon as you decide to grab it.

All it takes is a few moments to start and to begin to access these modules.  So for one low price you get all of this:


The price for the entire Bear Market Power Pack is only $7.97.  If you add up everything I think you will agree that this is an incredible value and frankly I do not know how long I will keep running it.


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