Directory of Stock Warrants

February 12, 2018
By Dudley Pierce Baker

Directory of Stock Warrants

If you know what you want (stock warrants) but do not know where to find the complete directory you are in luck.

My team and I spend countless hours making sure we have our directory up-to-date and available for our subscribers.

Looking for stock warrants trading on:
Marijuana/Cannabis companies
Resource companies
Bio-technology companies
Blank Check companies


All industries and sectors are included in our databases which cover both the United States and Canadian markets.

Our services have been available since May 2005 and we welcome you to join us as an elite member of our savvy group of investors.



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Leverage your upside in a rising market environment using stock warrants which trade very similar to common shares and trade on the NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXV).

Our directory which is in a database format allows subscribers to sort our information by:

  • Company name
  • By industry/business
  • Symbol
  • Expiration date
  • Last price
  • Intrinsic value
  • Market capitalization

Another valuable piece of information that we provide is a link to the most recent insider trading activity for each company.

Every investor must be aware of what the insiders are doing, buying, selling, etc. before engaging any the purchase of any shares or stock warrants on those companies.

For those investors needing more information on stock warrants we encourage you to visit our website and receive a FREE COPY of “The Stock Warrant Handbook”, Your Personal Guide To Trading Stock Warrants.


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