Do you own Canadian Stock certificates from a Private Placement or for services?


February 23, 2015

Editor Note:
Dudley Baker has used Penntrade as his brokerage firm for many years and highly recommendations them. Interesting article here which we are passing on to our readership. If you contact them, please tell them Dudley Baker send you.

If you are a U.S. Resident who has ever participated in a Canadian Stock Private Placement or received shares for various services, please keep reading.

I have been helping many U.S. based investors over the years to deposit, transfer and trade their Canadian stock certificates. A few years ago I even wrote an article on the subject that appeared on sites such as Kitco, 321 Gold, Gold Seek etc. Overall the process is not as painful as one would think.

 How to Sell Restricted Canadian Stock in the U.S. – A 4-minute Briefing –


Feel free to forward my e-mail on to anyone you know that has Canadian stock certificates and has run into problems finding a broker to help them. I would be happy to speak with them. If you send me your address, I’ll gladly mail a re-print of the article. Thank you.


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