Gold for Protection; This Metal for Wealth

Inflation has been rising at a rapid rate since the election. Not only is the CPI up, but the Dow Jones just experienced its fastest 1,000-point move in history. With the bull market in its ninth year, Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group believes this is the time for investors to become very selective, and he points to one commodity that is experiencing very tight supply right now.

China’s infrastructure plan dwarfs America’s and the big players are betting on Asia.

This bull market is now entering its 9th year, which makes it the 2nd longest in history.

In my personal 2017 portfolio and game plan, I stress the need to make sure that you’re defending gains and becoming very selective when it comes to new investments in the broad indices.

Every savvy investor must own a combination of Safe Havens.

Zero-percent interest rates have played a major role in making the S&P 500 the most expensive it has been since the Dotcom bubble, and retirees have few options to earn High yields—there are very few Wealth Stocks at bargain prices left.

Now, with inflation rising and Trump’s trillion-dollar infrastructure plan on the table, the big banks are finally bullish on commodities after 6–7 years of bearish outlook.

In 2016, I’ve studied close to 758 resource stocks, and less than 1% of them have the characteristics of greatness.

The resource market is predictable—it booms and busts.

Since the U.S., China, and Europe were in a recession or a severe slowdown between 2011 and 2016, most industrial metals were trending downwards.

The most bullish consequence of a bear market is that the sharper and more violent it is, the bull market that follows is just as explosive.

In 2016, it was zinc that first broke out of its multi-year bear market, and the …read more

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