Happy Canada Day and U.S. 4th of July to My Followers


This is a great time to celebrate your Holidays with friends and family.

On Monday, July 2nd, Canadian markets are closed for Canada Day. US markets are open.
On Wednesday, 4th July, US markets are closed for the Fourth of July but Canadian markets remain open through normal hours.

Many of the Canadian resource companies have operations and personnel in Mexico which will elect a new president on July 1st. I personally don’t think any of our investments will be affected by a new president, but we shall see.

As you may recall, home for me is in Ajijic, Mexico where there are several events planned for both Holidays.

There are several thousands of Americans and Canadians living here but we/they are all proud of where we came.

On a personal note for me, I have lived here for 19 years.
 On June 22, after about a one year process I received my Mexican Citizenship and Passport, while retaining my U.S. Citizenship. As I now joke with my friends and family, ‘build the wall, I am legal on both sides’.


If you are one of my many subscribers, I greatly appreciate you business, if not, I encourage you to join me soon.

The rally in resource shares will start soon,

Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor
Common Stock Warrants 
Junior Mining News

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