Home Buying Trends Showing Signs Of An Extreme Bubble Setup – Is It About To Burst?

“As we continue to explore the recent data and setup related to the current Housing market bubble, this, Part II of our research, will continue to highlight the similarities we are seeing in the current market climate to the 2005~2008 Housing/Credit market event that crashed the markets over 15 years ago.  Additionally, we’ll also highlight some of the efforts the US Federal Reserve and global central banks have taken to support the recovering global economy over the past 15+ years.  Are they pushing the markets to extremes and will they be prepared for a reversion event if one takes place?

In the first part of this research article, we highlighted the Supply/Demand equilibrium function and the four laws of the Supply/Demand equation. It is important to understand that all price exploration/valuation functions operate within the boundaries of these Supply/Demand functions.  Buyers and Sellers are always operating within these boundaries – even if they don’t know it. “

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