INFOGRAPHIC: where do the world’s millionaires live?

vc_flat_logo_june18thsizeVisual Capitalist | November 17, 2014

There are 34,837,000 millionaires scattered across the globe. Ever wonder where all of these people reside? The Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report is here to help.

The following three infographics show: Millionaires by country, millionaires by density (per city), and developing countries with the biggest concentration of millionaires.

The United States comes in first place by a wide margin, with 41% of the world’s millionaires.

Millionaires by country infographic

Amazingly, 10,000 of Monaco’s 37,000 residents are millionaires. Monaco is a tiny principality next to the French Riviera that is famous for its beaches. Monaco and Zurich have the two highest concentrations of millionaires per city.

Millionaires by density per city infographic

China is on pace to have just short of 2 million millionaires by 2017.

Millionaires in the developing world infographic

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