Is There a SPAC (Stock Warrant) in Your Future? with Dudley Baker

Kerry Lutz
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Dudley Baker is the proprietor of Dudley spoke about the recent consolidation phase. It’s time to take advantage of the dull market. Are resource common stock warrants becoming a thing of the past or are we just seeing a lull in issuance right now? It’s always up to the company whether they want the warrants to trade publicly. Dudley mentioned a new one that was recently listed and it’s a 5-year duration and he thinks it’s a real opportunity. There’s still a number trading for pennies and show great potential. Find the company you like and before you buy the stock, check Dudley’s site to see if there are warrants traded. The database has been updated to make it easier to filter and identify. Dudley gives a few great recent examples. Dudley is starting a new service dealing with SPAC’s (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies a/k/a Blank Check Companies). Many have warrants and they’re providing great potential opportunities. There are literally tons of these coming out now. Is the election causing it? The amount of money is staggering. It goes into a trust account until the acquisition takes place. Richard Branson has a new SPAC coming soon.

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