LEAPS: Table Updated

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January 14, 2013

LEAPS: Table Updated

Dudley Pierce Baker
This week we updated our LEAPS Table which we make available for our paid subscribers to www.PreciousMetalsWarrants.com and www.TheGreedyGuru.com.

If you are asking, ‘what the heck is A LEAP?’ hang on for a minute and we will explain.

It would take many hours for investors to research all of the LEAPS which are available for the resource shares and listed on the Chicago Board Option Exchange, www.CBOE.com. Frankly, more like, how many days?

We have done the work for our subscribers as we list ALL of the resource companies with LEAPS and we have a hyperlink for you to Yahoo Finance to the longest term LEAPS-Option available.

For example:
Company           Symbol & Link      Expiration Date
                              New Gold                   NGD                   16-Jan-2015

Normally there are not many changes in the LEAPS available and thus it is only necessary to update our table on a quarterly or semi-annually basis.

Recently the CBOE has extended the life and availability on many of the LEAPS and the longest life is now 16 January 2015.

You might ask; “why are we excited at the new extension of the LEAPS life at this particular time?”

Frankly, our subscribers know that I represent the most bullish newsletters in the resource sector, www.PreciousMetalsWarrants.com and www.TheGreedyGuru.com.

I am not a lone ranger as many of the ‘big-boys’ are also extremely bullish, i.e., Rick Rule, Pam Aden, Steve Saville, Doug Casey and the list goes on…. Yes, we have been early but investors should be invested or accumulating the resource shares at this time and be patient, our time is coming.

Another way of investing in the resource sector instead of buying gold, silver and/or shares on the resource companies would be to consider buying, long-term warrants or LEAPS.

LEAPS, “Long-term Equity Anticipation Securities” is similar to a call option but with a longer life, sometimes up to 2 years. The LEAPS are created-written by larger investors to reap the premium received as income but for investors buying these LEAPS this could possibly be your ticket to great gains, if you could buy LEAPS on your favorite resource company before a major rally.

LEAPS give the holder the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the underlying security at a specific price and expiring on a specific date in the future. This is the same definition of a call option, however, a call, has a shorter life.

As we are not traders, we do not advocate the purchase of short term options, but we do smell opportunity for the longest term LEAPS and long-term warrants at this particular time.

Warrants are a security issued by a company giving the holder, the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the underlying shares at a specific price and expiring on a specific date in the future.

In our service, www.PreciousMetalsWarrants.com we are “The Authority on Warrants” and are the only service to our knowledge providing a comprehensive database of all of the warrants trading on the resource shares.

Warrants are not new. Warrants actually go back into the 1920’s and at one time even AT&T had a warrant trading.

One big difference with warrants as contrasted to LEAPS or Options is that warrants trade like a stock. They are assigned a symbol and will trade on Toronto Stock Exchange or the Toronto Venture Exchange and most are assigned a symbol for trading in the U.S. OTC market.

Also, TIME is a major difference with warrants.

Warrants have been issued with expiration dates of up to 5 years giving resource investors an incredible opportunity to participate in the long-term bull market in the resource sector and the time to weather the stormiest down turns before the peak is reached in the next few years.

LEAPS and Options, just don’t give us the same ‘long life’ potential as warrants, even though with the latest LEAPS now available on many of the resource companies in our New LEAPS Table (see above) with an expiration date of 16 January 2015 does give investors more to think about.

As well, more of the larger resource companies have LEAPS available rather than warrants, even though there are many great companies with warrants available in our warrant database.

A discussion of LEAPS, Options, or Warrants is totally ridiculous, unless you believe resource shares have the potential to rise substantially in the coming months and years, thus providing holders an increase in leverage over purchasing the common shares. We share this bullish view of gold, silver and resource shares and are always looking for the best opportunities available for our subscribers.

By The Greedy Guru


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To wrap up, don’t be discouraged if you are down in your portfolios, you should realize by now that the resource sector is not for the weak hearted. You must have great patience and always on the hunt for new opportunities and right now your timing is better than ever.


Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder and Editor

Guadalajara-Ajijic, Mexico

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