Precious Metals – 60-Year Cycle

Below is a free invitational video from Gann Global who has been monitoring the 60 and 90 year cycles in the precious metals.

From Jim Flanagan, Gann Global:

“Over the past 3 years of this broad precious metals trading range, I’ve been tracking the progress of the market relative to the 60-year. This cycle has argued for trading range conditions.

As you’ll see in this webinar invitation video, we’re at the stage where time is almost up. If we continue to replicate what occurred 60 years ago, it would place us in the midst of a final selloff.

And this would be followed by a generational 3-year bull market.”

From Dudley Pierce Baker – Common Stock Warrants

I am a current subscriber of Gann Global and if Jim Flanagan is correct that we are very close to an inflection point that will propel the precious metals substantially higher, the question is always, “how do I invest?” or “how to position my portfolio for such a big move?”. This is where I come in and suggest mining stocks and/or stock warrants trading on those mining shares.


“Were are tracking the progress of the two greatest bull markets since 1879 in the precious metals stocks during the 60 Year Cycle: If is takes hold….612% by 2026

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