SILVER – Should Investors Lower Expectations?

By Dudley Pierce Baker

While investors have watched the price of gold performing very well and recently trading over $1600, silver has lagged and lagged badly. This begs the question, are we overrating or expecting too much from silver and our silver miners?

Quite the contrary.........

Two other analysts that I follow are saying to be patient and that silver will be catching up soon, really soon.

Below I give my opinion on how to invest in silver, if these analysts are correct that higher prices are coming.

Chris Vermeulen at sees the possibility of silver trading upwards of $90 - $95 per ounce within the next 24 months. A move of that potential is surely worth waiting for, is it not?

In this recent article by Chris,


"...Remember, the current disparity level is just over 200% between Gold and Silver.  If Gold continues to rally higher and Silver attempts to break higher, attempting to narrow the disparity level, then Silver will (at some point) enter a near parabolic upside price move above $36 to $40.  Our researchers believe this may happen before June or July 2020...."

Clive Maund - January 13, 2020 writing on

Silver Market Update

"...Silver’s recent rally looks diminutive and stunted compared to gold’s, but that’s normal at this early stage of a new bull market, when silver typically underperforms gold due to investors being risk inverse, with silver being perceived as more risky and volatile than gold. Nevertheless,....."


With the possibility of gold over $3,000 and silver over $90, investors would have the opportunity of making a fortune, if correctly invested.

I suggest a portfolio of gold and silver miners as well as some stock warrants which are trading on shares of your favorite companies. This market environment would create many 10 baggers, 10 times or more for your investment dollars and the stock warrants would normally be at least twice those gains.

You will find many stock warrants trading on gold and silver miners in my databases.

This is the time to THINK BIG AND GO FOR HOME RUNS.

If you are not familiar with stock warrants, I invite you to visit my website and download your free copy of "The Stock Warrant Handbook, Your Personal Guide To Trading Stock Warrants."

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