Silver Will Trump Gold in 2017

Kenneth Ameduri, editor of, argues that silver markets will see a surge during the Trump administration.

As an ardent student of Austrian economics and sound money being constantly fed mainstream propaganda, I was led to start to educate people and help build their wealth. People are tired of not having money, and are, quite frankly, tired of being lied to by the press.

Just look at some numbers from the past few years reflecting over the outgoing president’s performance.

• There are 8 million more Americans living in poverty
• 13 million more are on food stamps
• We have the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years
• Health insurance costs are skyrocketing
• And this is all while doubling the national debt, with nothing to show for it

If history is any indication of future results, we are headed for an incredible correction in the overall markets.

Financial crises have perpetuated a political crisis, and we’ve seen that with the movements sweeping Europe, and here in the United States with Donald Trump becoming president. Donald Trump is an outsider and, like him or not, he is a symptom of the deeper fundamental problems that exist.

The average guy is tired of seeing his factory job get shipped overseas. After all, nearly one-third of the manufacturing jobs have been lost since 1997. That’s more than 5 million jobs, which, of course, are the lifeblood jobs for the American middle class. About 70,000 factories during this same time period have either shut down or left the United States.

People have come to believe that they are a victim of the current system, and Trump’s message resonated with much of the population.

Prior to Trump being elected, the markets were pricing in a Trump win as negative, with the markets turning down when his polls were up and markets up when …read more

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