Some Fool Just Sold These Stock Warrants

July 15, 2019
By Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder - Editor

I'm going to vent for a moment.......

This morning before the markets opened I saw that stock warrants on one of my favorite companies had an Ask Price of $C0.16 and 75,000 warrants available. Meaning I could have bought 75,000 warrants at C$0.16.

Well I got busy and missed this trade but I am wondering, what fool sold these warrants? Surely not one of my savvy subscribers.

I own a whole bunch of these warrants and while I really don't need to own more, why not, por que no, as I see these warrants selling at substantially higher before they expire in October 6, 2021.

To be specific the stock warrants are on Equinox Gold, TSXV:EQX and EQX.WT
The warrants expire on October 6, 2021 and have an exercise price of C$3.00

I love this story and legendary Ross Beaty now heads up the company as Chairman of the Board and currently owns over 66 million shares and 3 million of these stock warrants.

Gold production is anticipated to be over 200,000 oz by years end and I am looking for the gold market to explode to the upside over the next year or two, probably much sooner. Of course, with higher gold prices for a producer the revenue goes to the bottom line.

Our colleagues at TheTechnicalTraders are very bullish as well and they approach the markets from a technical perspective.

Their last article should be of interest to all investors,

Could Gold Launch Into A Parabolic Upside Rally?    Recently posted on my website

So back to my point, why would any investor sell the warrants when there appears to be so much upside, in my opinion. Personally, I can see these warrants selling for several dollars, not pennies, C$2, C$5 perhaps more before the warrants expire.

I guess this is what makes markets....

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