SPAC’s Are Coming Back with Dudley Baker

from Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network

Dudley Baker believes that SPACs are on their way back. There’s a trillion dollars that’s been raised in this sector. For a while it was impossible to keep track of all the new issues in February. We never had a final capitulation. There was never a “V” bottom. Dudley says that 20-30 different SPAC’s will be completing their merger in June. The market will realize their value and prices should go up. Confidence will come back. It was clearly overdone. The Churchill Capital 4 will be merging with Lucid Motors and this one could be very big. It’s one of Dudley’s largest holding. He’s conviced it will work out. It will be a major factor in the return of the sector. When the bubble popped, Churchill was the one that brought it down. It’s still a great story.

For gold it’s just a matter of when the advance resumes. Right now it’s pulling back slightly, the retracement has brought us back to the old support level, 1860-1870 range. When silver starts its rally, buckle your seatbelt. Who knows what the catalyst will be. Dudley says build a solid portfolio and be prepared for the inevitable rally. You need to onboard, buy things at a reasonable price and be ready.

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