Stock Warrants and Montney Shale : What Do They Have in Common?

smallcsw-01October 22, 2016
Dudley Pierce Baker

Stock Warrants and Montney Shale : What Do They Have in Common?

Much is being written about the Montney Shale in Western Canada.

Marin Katusa,

“…You could say that all of our tracking and site visits amount to “hunting elephants.” We’re looking for the potential Big Scores that can turn a $25,000 investment into $1,000,000 in a short time. In the 1840s, resource speculators were smart to look for the next Big Score in gold. These days, it’s shale.

I bring all this up today because anyone looking to make profitable resource investments needs to know that the next Big Score is going to be made in the Montney Shale.

By now, you probably know that the best place to look for a giant shale field is near a giant conventional oil field….”

There is one small oil and gas company operating in this highly charged area that has stock warrants trading.

These warrants were issued via a private placement in May 2016 and do not expire for 5 years and the warrants are trading warrants which means that you can buy them.

A 5 year stock warrant is rare and one which you should consider adding to your portfolio.

My current subscribers would kill me if I divulged the name of this company to everyone, but, if you JOIN ME NOW, you will receive information on this company and the warrants on Sunday evening, giving you time to act on the markets open on Monday.

The shares and stock warrants are up substantially in the last couple of months and hit closing highs on Friday at C$0.435 and C$0.21, respectively. 

We still see ’10 Bagger’ potential for the shares and thus ’20 Bagger’ potential for the warrants.

This company and their warrants are just one of many of the great opportunities currently available in our warrant databases.

Trust you will join us soon,

Dudley Pierce Baker


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