The Warrant Report For Week Ended February 26, 2021

My team and I have been focusing on increasing the content on all of our services and now we are ready to share with you what we have been doing and why you should consider being a subscriber, if not already.

My mission with our services is to assist you with making money. Plain and simple, we provide you the information and tools and point you in the correct direction to capture awesome gains in this challenging market environment.

Information, data, details, etc. is what it is all about. We have entered every datapoint imaginable for all of our services, Silver, Gold, SPACS, and our new service, SPAC Warrant Index.

As a subscriber will have at your fingertips, not only all of the particulars on the company and the warrants but also, fabulous charts and quotes which are basically in real-time and management details and background of officers of every company.

Our SEARCH FEATURE is a powerful tool allowing subscribers to search from all of the data points in our system, which is everything you could ever imagine. If you find something not there, just let me know and we will do our best to add it to our system.

This new service is the product of my son, Jeff and he and I have used this system for several months now and the results are exciting to us.

I told you this service was coming months ago and it is logical for you to ask, what was the delay?

My son, Jeff, wanted this service to be the best and he took the time necessary to make it happen. Up till now, only our previous Lifetime Subscribers have had access and the testimonials are incredible. Now we are ready to share with others what is proving to be a powerful money maker for our team as well as subscribers and we trust you will be joining us soon.

Jeff, has basically, created a proprietary formula, algorithm, which ranks all of the stock warrants trading on the SPACS (now totally over 600). Every day, after the markets close, the list is updated and a new ‘basket’ of 25 is generated which we believe will be the next companies making a merger announcement. It is normally, the merger announcement or valid rumors, that will drive the shares and of course, our preference, the stock warrants, substantially higher.

You will be hearing more from us on this new SPAC Warrant Index and you can follow us on Twitter, where we now have over 4,200 followers and we have not even launched the service to the public, until now.

Current Market Comments:
This past week was brutal for many investors with the SPACS and the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq. There are a lot of cross-currents right now and soon we will have a better idea of the direction of the markets.

Below you will see some articles talking about higher Silver prices. Perhaps that is coming soon?

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Thanks for being with us on this amazing journey,

Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor

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