The Warrant Report: Great Articles For Your Immediate Attention – December 20, 2020

By Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor

Hello Investors,

The best of Holiday Seasons to you and your families in these unusual times.

As a current subscriber to our services or a casual follower of our emails, we would like to extend to you a special offer, WHICH WILL EXPIRE AT MIDNIGHT DECEMBER 25, CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.

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See the example below on the PIC.WS which should make your decision easier. Happy Holidays!!!!!

Gold and silver seemed to have put in significant bottoms and now we wait for some strong moves up as well in our shares and stock warrants.

I continue to warn my subscribers of a possible meltdown in the financial markets, while we ‘hope not’, it is wise to be prepared with some cash on the sidelines.

The opportunities seem to be coming at us every day and in many sectors, from PMs to EVs to biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, etc. Our databases on the stock warrants grows by the day.


We will be launching a new service soon under Common Stock Warrants. This new service will focus on the warrants trading on the SPAC’s, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies. We will be presenting a list/basket which we believe will be the next big winners based upon our proprietary computer modeling. Follow us on Twitter,

We will be doing some live interviews for subscribers as we walk you through our index and discuss the companies and the opportunities that we see.

We have been busy testing, backtesting, and crossing our t’s and dotting the i’s to bring you a fantastic and money-making service.

Pivotal Investment Corporation II, (a SPAC) symbol PIC on the NYSE, and the warrants trade as PIC.WS.
This is an Electric Vehicle (EV) company and the shareholders will vote on Monday, December 21, 2020, to approve their merger with XLFleet. The company was mentioned favorably by Jim Cramer late on Friday and the shares and warrants are set to soar on the open in the morning. Yes, we own these warrants and we are in at $1.48 on November 3, 2020, and they closed over $5.50 in the aftermarket on Friday. We still look for substantially higher prices. This is only one of many opportunities available to investors interested in what we are doing here at Common Stock Warrants. If you are not already an owner of these warrants I would suggest you watch from the sidelines and not chase them higher. If you own the warrants as do we, enjoy the ride with us.

There are so many interesting opportunities for trading stock warrants and the list grows by the day……

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