The Warrant Report – Will Resource Investors Be Disappointed Again?

The Warrant Report For Week Ended October 15, 2021

Most of my investments are in the resource sector with mining shares and/or stock warrants trading on those companies as well as SPAC warrants. I remain optimistic on both sectors and share my views below.

I am greatly encouraged by the performance of gold and believe that we are on the verge of a great upside breakout.

As always, could we be disappointed again? of course, but investors let us stay optimistic and follow the charts. As well (below) I have two great articles for you suggesting a breakout coming soon.

As Adam Hamilton tells us in his article below:
As a professional speculator and newsletter guy for over two decades now, herd sentiment never ceases to amaze me. The vast majority of traders have no perspective, just a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately mentality on the markets. That foolish self-imposed myopia greatly limits their gains, all but guaranteeing they will fail to buy low then sell high. Succumbing to popular greed and fear usually leads to the opposite.

I fully agree with Adam and have had friends and subscribers to my service do the same, “leaving the party before the party starts”. On the contrary, I have been buying into the declines and shoring up my portfolio of mining shares and or warrants on those shares and am well-positioned to profit very nicely on any further up move, and a rip-roaring bull market would be most welcomed.

Another wild week in the markets and we have the following closings:
Gold – $1767
Silver – 23.30
Copper – 4.71
Nickel – 9.08
USD – 93.97

This is the chart I have shared with my subscribers for many months. It is the monthly chart on gold and using a 20-month moving average. I see the inverted head and shoulders pattern which, in my opinion, is projecting a move up to $2850 or more. My analysis seems more aggressive than others, but I like it. However you see it, $2,000, $2,200,
$2,500 or more, we are in a position for a great move.

But for now, we continue to be patient in both the mining space and the SPACs knowing that big gains are coming.

Another large piece of my personal portfolio is stock warrants trading on SPACs, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies.
In my opinion, the SPACs have performed similarly to the resource sector meaning, under great pressure, but with large upside potential. We are seeing signs of the sector turning up and anxiously await the recognition that the warrants as a whole are probably undervalued by at least 50%.

Our SPAC Warrant Index service provides our subscribers with complete details, information, and guidance on how and what to buy. If you are interested in this investment sector you must consider a subscription to this service as Jeff and I are confident we are heading for some great gains in our positions.

But for now, we continue to be patient in both the mining space and the SPACs knowing that big gains are coming.

Our services are available to assist investors with making money with stock warrants. Plain and simple, we provide you with the information and tools and point you in the correct direction to capture awesome gains in this challenging market environment.

Our Services Include:
SPAC Warrant Index – Now available for active traders, professional or novice, with proprietary calculations and indexing of SPAC warrants.
Silver Subscription – Database of all stock warrants trading in the U.S. and Canada including the SPACS and all resource companies
Gold Subscription – All of the Silver information plus, Dudley’s Weekly Audio, and access to Dudley’s Personal Portfolio (This follows primarily holdings in the mining space that has been the main focus through the years for Dudley)

Our subscribers have access at your fingertips, not only all of the particulars on the company and the warrants but also, fabulous charts, quotes, management details, and background of officers of every company.

Our SEARCH FEATURE and FILTERS continue to improve and provide investors, professional and everyday investors, powerful tools allowing subscribers to search from all of the data points in our system, which is everything you could ever imagine. If you find something not there, just let me know and we will do our best to add it to our system.

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Thanks for being with us on this amazing journey

Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor

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