Thoughts on the Coronavirus

Source: Bob Moriarty for Streetwise Reports 04/12/2020

Bob Moriarty of 321gold shares his thoughts on the coronavirus.

If there was ever a time for real leaders to step forward and lead, the
last four months would have been the time to do so. If there was an issue
that demanded cooperation from all the nations of the world, we have seen
it. Instead we have been fed a steady diet of disinformation and outright
lies from almost every government at most levels. If these are the leaders,
we ought to fire the whole lot and start anew. Instead of “women and
children first,” we are seeing “every man for himself.”

I’ve been fairly quiet for the last ten days or so and a lot of people have
been bugging me to write more. Certainly this is an important issue so I’ll
give you my thoughts.

It seems pretty obvious to me that the Chinese government was lying about
the number of deaths right from the first. And it continues. They are
understating the size of the issue and have been all along.

On the other hand, the US government is also lying through their teeth but
appear to be overstating the deaths from the coronavirus. All of a sudden
every victim in the U.S. qualifies as a coronavirus death. In San Antonio
the officials called a
preemie born at 22 weeks a coronavirus victim.

Guys, don’t be stupid. Normal gestation in humans is 40 weeks. A 22-week
preemie stands virtually no chance of survival. But it didn’t die of the

Much is made of the number of Italians who have died. The Italians have the
oldest average age in Europe. Of course they are dying. Old people die all
the time. Yes, the old age homes in Washington had high rates of mortality.

But think about that for a moment. No one goes into an old folks home for a
vacation. They all know they are going to die there or in a hospital.
That’s why they went in the first place. Signing up for an old age home is
eventually a bit of a death sentence, not necessarily from the coronavirus. Many people in old age homes in the US die every year just from the
flu. But today they are all being written off as the coronavirus, not
heart attacks or flu or just old age.

How can it possibly be that four months after it became obvious that the
world has a big problem that so little real information has come out? Did
you know that the number of deaths in

Beijing and Shanghai

is tiny? How come the country managed to export the virus to the entire
world but skipped the two most important cities in China?

You have to love the Germans. They just love data and reports.

They tested all 1,000 people in a tiny village

and realized that a lot more people showed positive to the virus
antibodies than they realized, some 15% of the total. According to the
German numbers the death rate was more like 0.37 or four times as dangerous
as the ordinary flu. That’s tiny compared to what has been quoted

Iceland tested 36,000 of their citizens, about 10% of the total for the
tiny country. They found

half the people tested showed positive for the virus,
however there had only been seven deaths out of 1,600 cases of the virus.
As a matter of interest, Iceland tested twenty times as many of their
citizens as the UK on a percentage basis. The death rate shown by the UK is
stated as 30 times higher than that of Iceland.

We should have

a lot of good, tested and valid information about the virus

and just how dangerous it is but because of this chronic “every man for
himself” attitude, we pretty much have to guess. I’m not a doctor or any
sort of expert but I have to go through dozens of articles a day about
everything so I have a tiny bit of a feel for the issue.

Almost all people dying of the virus have other issues but here are the
most important. The virus is most deadly when it invades the lungs and
often causes double pneumonia. It’s an ugly death. The patient literally

The virus is most dangerous to those with asthma, hypertension or simply
old age. Weight seems to be a factor and obesity could put you in the
high-risk category. Blacks and minorities seem to have a higher chance of
dying than whites. Few children develop serious cases but do on occasion.

Watching the daily briefing on the virus is like a free ticket to a circus
run by the clowns. The official head of the federal government’s Corona
Task Force is supposed to be Vice President Mike Pence but he stands near
Trump looking like a cross between a wooden store clothing dummy and an
organ grinder’s monkey holding a tin can out for donations.

President Trump immediately goes into his opera scales routine that he is
so good at. In bass, “ME, ME, ME” and switching over to soprano, “ME, ME,
ME” and down to tenor to finish, “ME, ME, ME.” His latest brilliance was to
credit lovely Ivanka with the creation of the last fifteen million jobs
created out of the six point seven million new jobs since he took office.

Not to be outdone, we have the media, all in makeup, eager to feast on
every stupid comment out of the mouth of the president. If Trump came out
in favor of peace in the universe, Santa Claus and free kittens for little
girls, the media would immediately find fault with all three.

But where we begin to bring light to the real issues of the coronavirus is
by looking at the positions taken by Dr. Anthony Fauci. At first he claimed
two million Americans would die. That number dropped to two hundred and
forty thousand and now it seems to be about sixty thousand. That’s lower
than the deaths from ordinary flu in a typical winter. Is it possible that
he has an agenda that is just now being exposed?

Dr. Fauci is presented as the Federal Government’s leading expert on
immunology and infectious diseases. But is he really or should he be?

When President Trump learned of a small French trial by a doctor of an
anti-malaria drug called hydroxychloroquine (Let’s call it HCQ) Dr. Fauci
was the first but hardly the last to point out that the HCQ while in common
use, hadn’t been through a vigorous double blind study for use with the

That is both true and utterly meaningless at the same time. What if the
drug that some doctor believed would save lives of patients with the virus
was simple aspirin? Certainly aspirin hasn’t been through any sort of
professional and vigorous test against the virus. But who cares?

If it works, it works. If it doesn’t work, you don’t use it. We have a good
idea of what dosage of aspirin is safe and when it becomes dangerous.

How long would it take to test? Well, not being a doctor but having some
ability to think for myself, you have a bunch of doctors hand out a handful
of aspirin and

in a couple of days

have a pretty good feel for success or failure. If everybody dies given
aspirin, it might be a good idea to stop. If everyone lives that you gave
aspirin to, go buy some stock in Bayer and do a professional write up of
how great aspirin is to cure the virus.


one of the most bizarre comments I have ever read

from a government organization talking about testing HCQ, “NIH scientists
said urgent clinical evidence is needed. Even so, the study is not
estimated to be completed until July 2021.”

OK, Dr. Fauci and the NIH, we will do it the most professional way. Fifteen
months from now we will know if it should be used or not. What a brilliant
idea. Why didn’t I think of that?

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