Three Pro’s Looking For Higher Junior Mining Shares

Kerry Lutz of Financial Survival Network has interviewed 3 professionals within the last few days all expecting to see substantially higher prices for the junior miners. It sure seems like it cannot get any worse. If you are a true contranian like these guys you best started soon.

Junior Miners Have Capitulated & Slingshot Move Coming Soon Says Pro Mining Investor David Erfle

In this interview, pro-mining investor David Erfle provides his commentary on the gold price and junior gold stock sector. He explains why he believes the junior miners have already capitulated and that a slingshot move upwards is coming. David Erfle is a self-taught mining sector investor. He stumbled upon the mining space in 2003 as he was looking to invest into a growing sector of the market. After researching the gains made from the 2001 bottom in the tiny gold and silver complex, he became fascinated with this niche market. So much so that in 2005 he decided to sell his home and invest the entire proceeds from the sale into junior mining companies. When his account had tripled by September, 2007, he decided to quit his job as the Telecommunications Equipment Buyer at UCLA and make investing in this sector his full-time job. David founded the Junior Miner Junky subscription-based newsletter in April, 2017 and writes a weekly column for precious metals news service, whose website attracts nearly a million visits every day.

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Junior Miners Getting Ready for a Major Advance with Dudley Baker

Kerry and Dudley Baker discussed the current state of the mining sector, which has been struggling despite higher gold prices. They emphasized the importance of patience and owning quality stocks, as well as the potential for gains in smaller speculative plays. They also discussed the various ways to invest in gold, including playing the futures market and buying mining stocks, with Baker suggesting a more conservative approach with a basket of quality mining stocks. The discussion also touched on the advantages of investing in stock warrants over options, with Baker explaining that stock warrants with a long life of two to five years are preferable. The speakers predicted a significant turn coming soon in the precious metal sector and emphasized the need for patience and research to find the best investment opportunities, particularly in smaller companies with long-term potential. They also mentioned their own service, Common Stock Warrants, which tracks new warrants coming into the junior mining space and offers subscribers the opportunity to get in early on potential big up moves. The discussion highlighted the potential benefits of stock warrants and how they can be used to make a profit. Overall, the speakers agreed that investing in gold and mining stocks can be a rewarding but risky endeavor, and investors should carefully consider their risk tolerance and investment goals.

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“I’m in Junior Mining Stocks for 1,000% Gains” Explains Rick Rule (Plus: Why He…

“I’m in Junior Mining Stocks for 1,000% Gains” explains Rick Rule. Plus, in this episode, you’ll learn why Rick crushed it in 2023. As usual, he offers numerous junior mining speculating insights and tips. A good portion of the interview centers around discerning the economic studies that developers publish and what an investor might do with those documents. Rick is also bullish O&G stocks, particularly in Canada.

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