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First, a special thanks to Bob Moriarty of for sharing with his readership, The Stock Warrant Handbook.

In my opinion, the recent Cambridge House Writers Conference in Vancouver was a huge success.

I would estimate over 1,000 investors attended the two day event with many of the newsletter writers in attendance.

It was great to get to visit one-on-one with Rick Rule and Frank Holmes. As well as conversations with Brent Cook, Nick Hodge, Mickey Fulp, David Morgan, Joe Martin, Greg McCoach, Ellis Martin and others. I had dinner one night with a group hosted by John-Mark Staude, President of Riverside Resources, TSXV:RRI.

The tone of the conference was very positive and most are of the view that the next few years should be very favorable to our resource sector.

I also took the opportunity while in Vancouver to visit with representatives of and both companies which I use their services to assist me with my services.

So as an investor, ‘what are you going to do’?

As a contrarian, this is obviously the time to be investing in the resource sector and the Dow and S&P 500 continue to trade near highs.

My preference is to ‘play this game’ with the junior mining shares and/or stock warrants.

However, many investors are finding great opportunities with warrants on the U.S. stocks in other sectors, biotechs, pharmaceuticals, banking, etc.

Remember that only 25% or so of my personal portfolio is in stock warrants, the balance are common shares in the junior mining companies and I am on the hunt for new additions to my portfolio.

There are many interesting opportunities in stocks as well as the stock warrants available today, so if you not a current  subscriber, LET’S GET YOU STARTED NOW.

The next several years, 2017 – 2020 will see some exciting times in the PM sector and I am looking to make a fortune. Do you want to follow me? Let’s have some fun and make money together.

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