Warrants: The Overlooked Investment Vehicle

United States AND Canada

By Dudley Baker

Warrants have been an overlooked investment vehicle for decades perhaps for a lack of knowledge by both individual investors as well as professionals. Since 2005 we have been “the authority on warrants” and have focused solely on warrants which were trading on the natural resource shares through our popular and successful service, www.PreciousMetalsWarrants.com.

We have now expanded our services to include warrants on all industries and sectors trading in the United States and Canada. Banking, Financial Services, Automotive, Gaming, Pipelines, Mining, etc. For the first time ever, all listed warrants are now in one place and in one service, here at www.CommonStockWarrants.com.

Congratulations, you have found us, you are here, and we trust you will join us as a subscriber. Warrants are simple and similar in many ways to stock options. Don’t be intimidated. Our warrant learning center will assist you with your questions.Warrants should be considered as an integral aspect of your portfolio to increase your leverage as well as for great hedging opportunities. We offer two levels of subscriptions:

Our warrant database contains all the information you will need to make a decision on which warrants, if any, which you would like to consider for purchase. Our leverage calculations are an essential piece of information which you will not find elsewhere.

We also give you links to the recent insider transactions,options (if available) and our current rating on each warrant.

Under Valued  — Fair Value – Over Valued

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Our warrant database plus the following…….

Dudley is basically focused on the resource sector for his personal investments. If this is of interest to you, then by all means sign up for this subscription to learn what he is doing and see his personal portfolio.

                    Dudley’s Portfolio – “A Look Over My Shoulder”

1.  You will see all of Dudley’s positions in the natural resource
sector; all warrant and common share positions, gold, silver,
uranium, oil & gas, physical holdings and cash.
2.  Dudley has 18% of his resource portfolio in
long-term warrants. The balance are common share positions
in companies which he believes will be the next big winners.
3.  Email notification of changes in portfolio
4.  Dudley’s audio each Thursday after the markets close
with his latest market comments, review of special situations,
selected charts, etc. An open and frank discussion giving
subscribers a good feel of Dudley’s expertise and integrity.
This has become a Favorite Feature of our service and eagerly
awaited by subscribers.
5. Dudley intensely follows the insider trading activity on hundreds
of companies. “Everything we do takes into consideration the
insiders holdings and recent activity on all of our positions.

Sample of Dudley’s Positions

Closed Positions

Open Positions



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Disclosure/Disclaimer Statement
CommonStockWarrants.com is not an investment advisor and any reference to specific securities does not constitute a recommendation thereof. Neither the information, nor the opinions expressed should be construed as a solicitation to buy any securities mentioned in this service. Examples given are only intended to make investors aware of the potential rewards of investing in warrants. Investors are recommended to obtain the advice of a qualified investment advisor before entering into any transactions involving stocks or warrants.

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