Why Miners with Positive Cash Flow Deserve Your Attention: Philip Ker

The Gold Report: The U.S. dollar is worth about CA$1.20. In percentage terms, how is that translating to the margins of Canadian precious metals producers?

Philip Ker: Margins are obviously a function of revenues minus costs. Our model currently uses $1,250 per ounce ($1,250/oz) gold and a $0.90 or CA$1.11 exchange rate. This means we’re forecasting CA$1,388/oz for Canadian producers, but a favorable strengthening of the U.S. dollar toward $1.25 or CA$0.80 would allow Canadian producers to realize gold prices around CA$1,560/oz—a 12.5% increase.

Balmoral Resources Ltd.’s Grasset nickel discovery is on its way to becoming a world-class asset.

More recently, gold has risen alongside the U.S. dollar. Typically these two have a negative correlation but the opposite trend has provided a boost to many equities with Canada-based operations. In late January, a $1,300/oz gold price and CA$1.25 exchange rate meant a gold price in excess of CA$1,600/oz—a potential 17% increase to margins. For example, a low-cost gold producer like Lake Shore Gold Corp. (LSG:TSX), which is projecting all-in sustaining costs of US$950–1,000/oz, could see profit margins reach greater than CA$350/oz on 170,000–180,000 oz (170–180 Koz) of production. This is just remarkable leverage.

TGR: Are margins like those enough to revise your investment thesis for 2015?

PK: You can’t build an entire investment thesis just on an exchange rate but some names will benefit more than others. Investors should always consider a company’s assets, management and any political or operational risk that may exist.

TGR: Is the current U.S. dollar/Canadian dollar exchange rate sustainable?

PK: We should continue to see a stronger U.S. dollar in the near term, particularly with the Canadian economy’s heavy exposure to oil. That sector has sold off considerably, thus putting negative pressure on the Canadian dollar.

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