A Great Subscriber Story With Stock Warrants

December 10, 2016
By: Dudley Pierce Baker

This week I heard from a subscriber to our services with a great story.

I am leaving out their names but otherwise this is their words……

“…We want to thank you also for having such a website.  A little story, and you can share it with your readers if you like, but we stay anonymous:  In July we vacationed in Nova Scotia.  A taxi driver saw my bandaged knees and told us about Cannabis.  Until then we thought it was BAD stuff, a vice.  We learned from him about Rick Simpson, and our eyes were opened to the truth about this healing plant. 

Our history in investing has been poor, and we lost almost everything in 2008.  We continued investing, but continued doing poorly.  We liked warrants, we had done a little with them successfully. 

Then in July after our vacation we found your site, and your new warrant at the time was OGI.wt  —  since then we have (on a small budget) made over $20,000 on that one warrant, with a little money, going in and out. 

We learned about the other big Canadian cannabis companies, and bought into them:  Mettrum, Canopy, Aphria.  All have kept going, thru thick and thin, Brexit, election turmoil, etc.

We thank the Lord for leading us to the taxi driver, and soon after, to Dudley!  Regards,,,,”

It is always great to hear back from happy subscribers.

If you are not a current subscriber this would be a good time to JOIN US.



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